How I Washed and Styled 2 Natural Hair Kids in 2 hours

Natural Hair Kids Wash Day Hair Care
After a weekend at the beach and swimming at the pool, it was time to give the girls' hair a bit of TLC. Before on our vacation, I had pack some items that we would need to do a quick cowash and moisturizing session after leaving any body of water.

While on vacation, here is how I cared for the girls hair. I stored all the details in this FREE app, Hair Journal App.

Now that we are home, it's time to clarify.

I was a bit short on time, so the plan was to do this all under 2 hours.  I started with Lil Sis.
  • Using the ShampooMatemy newest love! , I sectioned her hair into 4 parts and secured each with a butterfly clip.
Working one section at a time :
Next was a protein treatment to strengthen the hair
After this treatment, I did a moisturizing deep conditioning on her hair
While Lil Sis was under the dryer, I started shampooing Big Sis's hair. I followed up with the protein treatment and the moisturizing deep conditioning. By the time I was done, Lil Sis was ready to get out of the dryer, and I sat Big Sis under the dryer.

While Big Sis was under the dryer, I rinsed of Lil Sis's deep conditioner, and started with styling her hair.
  • Started by applying my oil mix to her hair
  • Applied SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave In Conditioner
  • Applied Eden Bodyworks Pudding Souffle
  • Put her hair in 4 sections using Snappee snap off hair ties
    • You can get your at Use discount codes DISCOVERINGBOGO or DISCOVERINGSHIP
  • For each section, did 2 chunky twists.
  • Gather all twists in a design
By the time, I was done doing this, Big Sis was ready to come out of the dryer and I repeated the steps above for her too.
Natural Hair Kids Hairstyle Chunky Twists
YEAH!!  Hair done under 2 hours... This style should last a week.


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