DIY Bob Box Braids

Hello everyone!

About a week ago, I installed bob braids by myself, as usual. Not because it's currently trendy, but as a result of the fact that my hair was due for a protective style and I wanted something quick. So, I deliberated between faux locs, yarn twists and bob braids and the time required for installation. Naturally, bob braids was tops.

As usual, I prepped my hair by deep conditioning with Queen Helene Cholesterol Conditioning Cream and moisturized with my LOC method of African Naturalistas Leave-in, shea butter and coconut oil. After which, I sectioned my hair according to the braid pattern. The other day, I talked about the length of the back of my hair longer than the front. I had already decided on shoulder length bob braids but I didn't want to take any chances so I cornrowed 1/4 of my hair. This ended up being a wise decision.

Anyways, after a couple of days, I braided my hair. I bought one big pack of extensions because
1) cheapskate
2) I didn't want to waste time braiding the whole hair before cutting it.

So, I just divided the extensions into four and started braiding. It was quite fast and I was done with 3/4 of my hair in about 4-5 hours. After each braid, I tied the ends with rubber bands until I was ready to burn them.

This was when it proved a tad difficult. I realised that I couldn't conveniently burn the ends especially the back because it was short. I needed to get someone to help with my chin length braids. Anyhow, I called my neighbor - friend to help and she did. In a couple of hours in the midst of chatter and banter, we were done.

Although, it didn't turn out the way I want length-wise, I've been enjoying it. I could always do another one. One thing I noticed was that in order to get that length that I wanted I might need to fully braid my hair. So, next time I might just install box braids, rock it for a couple of weeks and cut it afterwards.

What protective style are you currently rocking?

Love, kinks and knots.


  1. Wow they came out really well! Kudos to you.

  2. I like the length, still contempleting if i want to do braids. I'm currently rocking crochet braids, i wrapped small amounts of xpression attachment around straws to create a bohemian look. Please which protein conditioner do you think is better? Queen Helene Cholesterol Conditioning Cream or ORS mayonnaise conditioner?

  3. It's lovely. I'm on box braids so i'm thinking of cutting it to the length of bob braids by the end of the month. Hoping it should look good on me too


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