7 Easy Natural Hair Tips For Retaining Length

7 Easy Natural Hair Tips For Retaining Length
By DiscoveringNatural

One of the #1 questions I get asked if How to Grow Long Natural Hair. I do have a video that talks in details regarding that.  Click here to watch.

However, there are 7 Easy Tips you can implement into your regimen to assist in Natural Hair retention.

1. Make sure to keep their hair moisturized: Dry hair will break.

To moisturize, you can try a method known as LOC method. Spritz hair with water, apply oils like olive oil , and then a moisturizing cream.
2. Deep condition the hair once or week or at least twice a month
    Deep conditioning acts as food for the hair and helps with moisture retention
3. Protein treatments are beneficial because they strengthen the hair. If you can, do it at least once a month.
4. Make sure they are eating healthy, green vegetables, and drinking water. Reduce sugary drinks.
5. Get plenty of exercise
6. Protect hair at night, let them wear a scarf or bonnet. This will keep hair from drying up too much at night.
7. Protect the ends of their hair. You can do this by keeping the hair in a protective style and also moisturizing the ends of the hair with a sealant like a thick oil or shea butter
Share any tips that has helped you in retaining your length


  1. Very true. Thanks for the article.

  2. Chai see beautiful hair! Discovering Natural is one of my favourite Youtubers. If God blesses me with a female pikin one day, I know I will be checking out her videos more than I already do. :D


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