How to Manage Your Natural Hair and Actually Have a Life at the Same Time

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I love my natural, I wouldn't trade it for anything. The coils, curls, volume, shrinkage ...not forgetting the "oo-la-wows" when I rock up somewhere with a beautiful flexi rod set, or well defined braid out bangs. Natural is fun to look at, but requires a lot of behind the scenes effort, most especially on wash day.  The thing is if you allow it, your hair WILL take over your life. If you're not reading about it, you're styling it, thinking about the next day's 'do, washing it, moisturising and sealing, twisting or braiding it up for bed...product hunting (smile).

Over the years, I have garnered a few lessons that have helped me balance hair and my social life. Here are a few tips.

1. Don't be afraid to skip wash day
Usually I wash every single week. But sometimes I have a meet up with my girls, or maybe one would want to go somewhere with le boo thang, or have an event to catch. I realised that missing one day out of the whole month or even pushing it to a few days forward will not hurt the overall health of my hair as long as I'm still following healthy hair habits. Honestly, memories are worth so much more when it comes down to it.

2. Cheat your way to cute hair
Quick and easy styling is the name of the game when you really want to spend time with friends, do that work or school assignment, or just be early for once hehe. Take shortcuts to creating a style that requires more time. I just did that recently with my cheat's flexi rod set. 

I looked like I had done a full flexi rod set but really just worked some bangs. 

3. Carve out time to give your hair a super treat
If you're going to skimp on wash days, better make sure you really give your hair that tlc as soon as you can. Schedule a full wash day with all the trims and just enjoy giving your tresses some love.

4. Create a timetable
And while we are on that scheduling note, you might as well create a timetable for your hair related things. For instance, I have to blog, go to work, chill with my friends and run a facebook page.
Prioritise tasks, write things down and relax if you don't manage to do everything you needed to. I'm still trying to juggle keeping to my schedule, it will require some discipline but it's definitely worth it.

5. Do your hair in advance
I mean the night before especially if it's something like a bun, french braid or flat twist. It really saves time as all you have to do is spray for moisture, seal it and go in the morning. If you really enjoy having your hair out, try some week long protective styles that require little maintenance apart from moisturising. My go-to of late has been two jumbo flat twists that I keep in for three to four days and then convert to a textured bun by day four or five.

From this:

To this:

And that is how I manage my natural hair and still make time for my life.


  1. I actually laughed at this sentence. "If you're not reading about it, you're styling it, thinking about the next day's 'do, washing it, moisturising and sealing, twisting or braiding it up for bed."

    Subtle but true

  2. Replies
    1. I only recently started implementing tip one this year. I used to be so strict with myself.

  3. This post s very much need for those who think otherwise. God forbid hair be a stumbling block in someones life haba loool. Thanks for sharing!


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