Can I Do Wash and Go on My Child's Hair?

Wash and Go for Natural Hair Kids


I've always wanted to do wash and go on my girls' hair. Before I attempt to do this, I had to first work on learning all the trick and frustrations of doing this style. In May, I did a full month of wash and go and learnt so much in the process. Click here to watch the footage.
Wash and Go for Natural Hair Kids

Big Sis rarely has her hair out because of all the activities she does, however, since she is on summer break, I decided to attempt doing Wash and Go on her hair. She wore the style for 4 days and love EVERY moment of it.

Click here or watch her experience below:

After seeing her hair in a wash and go... Big Sis said... "I FEEL .... FREE!"
For those of you wondering if her hair tangled up, ... no, it did not. When it was time to re-wash, I saturated her hair with water and was able to easily detangle. FYI, her hair really tangles.

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  1. My comment disappeared again. I need to check my settings. My daughter has wash and go right now, how I wish I saw this video before trying it.


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