What You Should Know About Faux Locs

It seems like everywhere you turn to now, there are people rocking faux locs, whether they use wool, yarn, or kinky braiding hair. There are different arrays of colors from regular black to blonde, and I even saw blue on Instagram early this week. I think that Faux Locs are having a moment! But before you rush off to get yours done, there are a few things you should know.

  1. They're time-consuming to install. Unless your stylist has a way of cutting the time short, like Dabs of Savvy Chic Hair and Beauty Hub, get ready for at least 6 hours of work done on your head.
  2. They take some getting used to. When you first install them, they are pretty hard and uncomfortable. It takes a few days or even up to 2 weeks for them to loosen up. It took about a week for me to sleep comfortably after I had mine installed.
  3. They can be heavy, which could have damaging effects on your hair. Mine are quite heavy - I was told to do a fewer number of strands but I was stubborn and insisted on 80-85 strands. Because they're heavy, it puts a strain on my neck when I try to pack it up in a bun or updo. My advice would be to go for thinner, shorter strands.
  4. The locs can loosen and unravel with time, so make sure you keep an eye on the tips. 
  5. You still have to take care of your scalp by cleaning and oiling, and spraying your hair to get some moisture into your own natural hair.
  6. If you burn the tips of your locs, wear clothes that will not get caught in the burned ends. I almost ruined a new dress because the fabric was really light and I wore it a few days after getting the locs in. This also applies if you attempt to cleanse your scalp with cotton wool or wipes - unbeknownst to me, little frizz balls of cotton wound up all over my head!
That's all I can think of for now. I know it all seems negative, but I am having fun with the locs (they have this exotic flair to them) - if I wasn't at all, I would have taken them down a long time ago.

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Also because its relatively more expensive to install, most ladies are told to keep it in for 6 months as tho its a justification for it being more expensive. It's more damaging to keep

    1. EXACTLY! In fact, knowing how expensive it is is partly the reason why I've had them in this long but I'm getting them out this week. My hair needs to breathe

  2. @ Number 3: That's because you are a stubborn gialll.

  3. It really looks good on you.

    I like the hair style, but haven't done it yet cos of some of the above listed reasons.

    1. Thanks Tamie. If I do them again, I'll go shorter and fewer

  4. Its really heavy and the burnt tips were always itchy. Made me scratch my neck a lot. I had to take mine off after two weeks, I couldn't even style it I jus packed everything up.

  5. What type of attachment did u loose pls


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