Natural Hair styling techniques for busy Naturalistas

Hello Naturalistas,

How are you doing kinks and all? I have always had issues with hair styles, what and what is not appropriate for the work place. I work with an IT firm. They are not so strict with how my hair looks but I know that's not license for me to throw caution in the wind.

Hairstyling has been a challenge, it was so much easier with the TWA and the awkward stage but now my hair is grown a bit longer and I am not always ready to put my hair in a protective style (not very hair dresser friendly)

So, what happens is every. Single. Morning. The jamb huge question is ''What am I going to do to my hair today?''
....and I will spend more time figuring that out and styling it then I did dressing up. *Insert long sigh here* Now, that I have become busier and weekends are not even mine any more, ain't nobody got time for that.

But this year I Found a solution to the rut. *Insert an Hallelujah wave here*

Why are my edges looking thin? :( 
Before, I will be thinking of changing up styles every other day, but now? After I do the normal weekend routine I put my hair in this type of style.

I section the front and just pack the back together. I style the front differently but the amazing thing that has helped me manage my time is I do not change the style for up to 2 weeks. So, if I am doing this style above I will just dress it up in the morning and continue like that for 2 weeks. 

Here is another way I styled. 
Boring, I know but better time management. When I think about people that have dreadlocks and them just having a signature look, I feel better about myself. That's how I manage my hairstyling for work.

How do you manage your hair styling when you get to busy to worry about styles? 


  1. I think I hav d exact same story. I'm always clueless about wat 2 do with ma hair every morning.

  2. When I'm too busy to worry about styling, I BUN it!

  3. i find longer hair = lazy hair. Because I can easily pull it into a bun, puff or do a roll, tuck and pin.

  4. I'm in the exact same rut too. My hair has passed the wash and go stage - I don't like it flying everywhere when i go to work. Most times my hair in a weave, braids or under a wig. I know this is bad for my hair but it saves me a lot of stress thinking of styling the hair. I'm planning to lock it up by April when I hit the 2 years natural mark. Wish me luck!

  5. For the short hair u'guys can check on utube or Pinterest there are gr8 styles naturals wt short hair, #gudluck


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