5 Ways To Reduce Time Spent On Wash Days

Hello everyone!

I never understand naturals that spend the whole day tending to their hair although there are exceptions like henna which requires a maximum of 4 hours for proper penetration. Even at that, you shouldn't have to waste so much time on wash days. It shouldn't be a whole day's affair.

Here are five ways to help cut down the time spent.

1. Deep condition overnight.
As a new natural, this was what I did religiously that contributed a lot to the present glorious state of my hair. Apart from fact that your hair properly absorbs whatever nutrients present in the DC, it also saves a ton of time. Really. You just need to wake up in the morning and rinse out. You're good to go.

2. Use a heating cap or a hooded dryer.
In this case, the maximum time you can spend is 30 minutes so it drastically cuts down time.

3. Work in sections.
Sectioning my hair during wash days has helped me reduce first and foremost, the time spent and then breakage, tangles and single strand knots. Seriously, if your hair isn't a TWA you have no business washing your hair without sections - except you can really handle it.

4. Reduce the number of products used at a time.
Seriously, I don't understand folks that want to use their entire stash in a single wash day. Okay that might be a bit overboard. But on a more serious note, you don't need to try out every single new product in your haul. Trying spreading them over a couple of weeks. You won't need to spend so much time anymore.

5. Wash in braids or twists.
I co-wash twice weekly and there are times when I can't really be bothered to unravel my twists so I just co-wash with the twists on. Trust me, this is the fastest and quickest way to wash your hair especially since you're concentrating solely on your scalp. You're not distracted by the hair itself. By the time you're done with your scalp, the conditioner gently glides through your hair whilst cleansing it. It's a win-win situation plus it saves you a lot of time and breakage.

How do you save time on wash days?

Love, kinks and knots


  1. lovely hair color please what product did use

    1. Mostly henna/hibiscus amongst other dye jobs.

      Thanks x

  2. Washing long hair without sectioning is tantamount to frustration. I don't do 2 and 5.

  3. i love washing my hair in braids. Save me so much time and energy. Apart from the fact that i cannot do a proper DC as it can use up so much product and i love my DIY DC it is perfect for me.


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