When To Trim Your Child's Natural Hair

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The answer to the question of When to trim your child's natural hair is one that cannot be answered with one answer.  There are different factors that determine when the right time to trim you child's hair is. Look for the following signs at the ends of the hair:

Not Staying Moisturized
If you find that the ends of your child's hair do not stay moisturized, it is possible that it needs to be trimmed.

Does Not Curl
When doing a twists, if you find that ends that normally curl, no longer curl, then it is possible, it is time for a trim.

See-Through Ends
If you gather hair together and the ends are frail and you can see through them.

Spilt Ends
If you experience split ends at the ends of the hair, it is better to trim them so as to prevent more damage to the rest of your hair strands.

Trimming on schedule can sometimes be beneficial. The reason being that it helps to minimize the worries of forgetting to trim the hair. It also help to minimize damage from split ends traveling down to the roots.

Watch here for more information and a demonstration how to trim your own hair. Click here

How to Trim

What other ways do you use in determining if it is time to trim your child's natural hair?


  1. Thanks for the writeup.
    My baby hair definitely needs a trim and i know i can apply the same technique to my hair.

    1. Thanks for commenting. Glad to know that this will come in handy for you.


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