Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 90

Here is me doing the doogie! I finally got the job, not about the job, but the fact that I am no more jobless. I have been asked to resume next month. Testimony time… blessing time! As for me, it is time to start googling up natural hair styles for the office setting, as this new place of work puts more emphasis on professional appearance than the ministry where I served.

My sister is pregnant… again. Maybe that’s why she made her decision. I pray she has a safe delivery this time. I just can’t imagine my family going through another episode of what went down last time. This means that in the next few months, my nanny duties will increase significantly.

Contrary to the way I sometimes spell things out in my diary, I’m really not mean. I’m a very nice person, at least Dimeji thinks so. Okay, maybe not, but I’m really nice.

Tonya has informed her parents about the engagement. Her dad is a bit down with it, but her mum is not so open yet. I think she will come along with the idea very soon since she is a liberal white woman, but still a bit unhappy that Tonya refused to return to the states after her service.

I am doing fine with my new year hair resolutions so far. God’s grace has been sufficient for me, and my head has remained on my shoulders.

Dimeji and I are carrying on well. We have not had any hair-related disagreement in a while. I think I deserve a pat on the back. If I can be like this, it means Nigeria can get better, lol.

Talking about Nigeria, I was thinking this devaluation of naira will not affect some set of naturalistas. Those are the ones who strictly depend on DIYs and products manufactured in Nigeria. As for those who patronise the American branded natural hair products, I guess this is the time when they will really say “I give up. Maintaining natural hair is expensive” especially the ones with very long hair.

I give up
I think I have ranted enough, without necessarily writing any gist down. I am going back to googling natural hair styles for the office setting.

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  1. so happy that you got the job .. happy dance . i still have side eye for tonya tho just saying. pls when u find those office styles post them

  2. congrats on getting the job, make sure you rock those hairstyles well oh

  3. This is why you should always buy extra when buying American hair products.

    OR #BuyNigerian #BuyAfrican

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. So what happens when the extras run out?

      I think the best option is to buy Nigerian. They are always available, and a cheaper option.


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