Answer to last week's Guess and Win

So here is the answer to last week's Guess and Win question.

Afrodiva Nally of Ghanaian Naturals and I hooked up on skype (as you can see an the upright corner of the picture) to talk about some things. Obviously, when two popular natural hair bloggers in their country come together to talk, what do you think they will be talking about? Natural Hair, products, and everything related to it.

We were both talking from our homes, and what struck me was the sating bonnet and scarves, considering the fact that it was about 1.00 pm, and we had taken our baths. I had a satin scarf on, with a satin bonnet on top. She also had the same.

So the answer to the question is

They were Naturalistas
They were talking about Natural Hair
They were talking on a video chat such as skype

The picture screams out these details.

I thank everyone who attempted to answer the question. Many people got the fact that it was a video chat, but I think people were thinking too far. People look in strange directions when doing video chat because to look directly into the laptop, you have to look at the lens, which is strange when you can just look at the face of the other party. So no, there was no distraction anywhere.

I am sorry, I will be saving my twist and curl pudding for another giveaway. Hopefully, someone will win it then,

I feel like I should roll our more Guess and Win challenges that have to do with Natural Hair. It's just that I don't know where I will find such pictures.

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  1. Atilola!!! How was any one supposed to get that your prescribed answer na.....? Lol

    1. Lol. It was easy naa. I think people were just thinking too far.

  2. Nice one.
    Please get more guess and win challenges.
    It definitely worked our brains.

    1. If only I could come across pictures I can use for them. Maybe I should go and work my brains too, lol.


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