Why does my Child's Natural Hair Look Dull?

Dull Natural Hair
By DiscoveringNatural

Why does my child's hair look dull?  That was the question a parent asked me, as we were talking about our kids and other mommy-like discussions. This is the issue that some people have encountered and although some might think that the dull look, or lack of shine means the hair is dry, damaged, or unhealthy, this in fact is not always the case.

Let's first be scientific and talk about the difference between shine and sheen.

What are some things you can do to reduce the dullness and increase the shine of the hair?

Cool Rinses

After washing the hair, do a final rinse using cool water. The reason why this works is because when cool water is applied to the hair, it allows the hair cuticle to close, thereby allowing light to bounce better on the hair and causes it to shine. When the hair is rinsed with warm water, it causes the hair shaft to swell which opens the cuticle. Light reflects better on flat surfaces more than textured ones. That is why relaxed hair has that wonderful shine.

Proper Cleansing

If hair has product build up, it will cause it to look dry and dull. Clarifying the hair periodically will help remove product build up in the hair. Minimize the amount of products you put on the hair so that the hair does not need to be clarified too often.

Watch the video below to learn how to clarify the hair:

Conditioner is Your Friend

One of the duties of a great conditioner is to smoothen the hair cuticle. Doing regular deep conditioning session is not only great for moisture retention but also for promoting shine. After washing your child's hair, follow up with a deep conditioning session. When done with the wash process, always use a leave in conditioner.

For more ways to get the hair to shine, watch the video below:

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