Miss Universe: Natural Hair Glam

Every now and then I like to celebrate women out there who are "breaking the mold" in terms of natural hair. Miss Universe 2015 is right around the corner - actually this Sunday - and this year, there are 2 contestants with natural hair, and they are both African! I was really happy to see that, because some of you know that African women can sometimes be pressured to relax their hair, or wear long, curly weaves in order to be regarded as beautiful. NOT THESE TWO! They are rocking their kinks proudly and showing off their coils in an international pageant!


MISS KENYA, GAYLYNE AYUGI, miss universe 2015

MISS KENYA, GAYLYNE AYUGI, miss universe 2015

miss universe kenya, gaylyne

*All photos from Miss Universe website*

Have a nice weekend!
Berry Dakara.


  1. OMG. Squeals in delight. They are so beautiful.
    Look at that beautiful shiny complexion!!!
    I want my twa back.

  2. Haa! Beauty!! Lovely dark skin and natural hair so on point. I love this; I feel like this is truly representative of African beauty, plus, young African girls can see them and feel beautiful too

  3. Blessings...
    They are all stunning.
    One thing though, i wish "we" will stop labeling our hair (is like "we" are apologizing for its texture) and just call it what it is hair. No other group label their hair other than to call it by what it is HAIR.


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