Five useful resolutions for a healthy natural hair journey this year

Hi Naturalistas
Happy New Year!
If you are one of those that loves to jump on the band wagon of making resolutions, it's a brand new year and it is time to start afresh. As a matter of fact, making resolutions can help you reevaluate yourself and for your hair, it can be that time to take stock of what works and what doesn't. 
From my point of view, it could be a time to push a few good habits in - switch your regimens and add a few new things you've been dying to try.

Here are a few ones I thought might interest you:

1. Make a decision to eat healthy and drink lots of water
The health of your hair depends a lot on the availability of those nutrients that can help nurture it, this  depends on the foods you eat. You also need to take a lot of water to supply the tissues of your body with enough fluid to function.

2. Moisturize your hair more frequently
Moisturizing your hair will prevent damage and unnecessary breaking due to dryness. Keep a spray bottle within reach and infuse your hair with products that help to retain moisture.

3. Deep condition more
Deep conditioning helps to strengthen your hair while driving the products straight into each strand. Depending on the products you use, your hair can achieve so much. You can use this method to up moisture retention as well, be sure to find products that act as humectants. 

4. Protect your hair properly before you sleep 
Even when you want to take a quick nap, learn to put your hair away so your hair doesn't rub on hard surfaces. It is very essential that you leave your hair on surfaces where they can easily slide through (satin, silk) to avoid the excessive drying out and pulling.

5. Research 
Spend some time to research on all the products you put on your hair. Make a decision to not just do whatever everyone is doing, but to spend time to find out what works for your hair type.

I hope you all have a very beautiful journey this year

Remember to keep your heads high and rock your kinks with pride.

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  1. I'm concentrating more on number 1 this year, not just because of my hair, but my life in general


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