4 Natural Hair Wash Day Tips for the New Year

Natural Hair Wash Day Tips

Washing your natural hair can be a learning process. For me, I find that trial and error and truly learning about what my hair likes and doesn't like helps makes the process easier.

Here are some helpful tips.

1. If your hair is very tangled, detangle it prior to washing.

2. Wash your hair in sections. This not only reduces the tangles that can occur, it also helps you get to your scalp to give it a thorough cleansing

3. Condition! Condition! Condition! If you experience excessive dryness, doing  a deep conditioning section can help restore the moisture and softness that was lost.

4. After washing, do not immediately dry your hair (use a T-shirt, by the way), just squeeze out the excess water and then apply your leave in conditioner and oil. Let your hair air dry in twists or braids before doing the actual styling process.
Natural Hair Wash Day Tips


  1. Thank you. I am in the middle of avoiding wash day (it's been weeks smh) so I'll stop being lazy and do some work.

  2. Hi! This is probably a silly question but I was just wondering how often should I wash my hair. I've been in twists for four weeks and prior to that I had done a deep conditioning treatment. I'm about to take off my twists and I'm wondering if I should deep conditioning again...and then wash after my next style probably in two weeks. Help!

    1. After 4 weeks? Please deep condition your hair o. And yes, you can wash again two weeks later.


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