Don't Compare Your Kids' Natural Hair

Natural Hair Kids Texture Compare
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As a parent, it can be hard not to compare your child's natural hair to other kids' hair. We are still human, right? We have to make a mental note not to do this. Not only is it not constructive, it also can affect your child's hair moral.

My two daughters have different hair textures and also different challenges. It was not until recently that I have been able to get all their regimens equalized, and perfect what techniques work for one child that doesn't work for the other child.

Big Sis, my older daughter, has a more kinker hair texture that loves to shrink up and can be hard to maintain moisture because of all the coils and kinks. I have come to realize that some styles I can do on Lil Sis's hair, I can't do it on her sister's hair and vice-versa. Lil Sis, on the other hand, has hair that shrinks less, but tangles a lot. Her hairstyles also tends to quickly get frizzy.

One question you might ask is does either of my children compare their hair to each other. The answer is no. Well... let me say, it is now NO. In the past, Lil Sis would complain that she cannot achieve an Afro like her sister, because her hair tends to fall instead of stand up right because of the length.

What Can We Do

1. Look for the Positive

Natural hair care can be challenging, but there is always positive aspects to it. Talking about the positives not the negatives helps and also your child will also pick up these vibes and learn to love their hair more.


2. Know Your Styling Limitations

If you see a style and attempt the style on your child and it doesn't turn right, don't get upset. Know your child's hair limitations. For example, I have tried the Wash and Go style on my older daughter's hair and it did not work. Instead of me stressing about it and trying hard to get it to work, I moved on to do other styles that favors her hair texture.


  1. My hair is like Lil Sis's hair. Oops, sorry for the comparison! Lol.

  2. Finally! I'm so happy we finally see children with Natural Kinky hair and step-by-step instructions on how to maintain it.
    My 5.5 yr old daughter recently had to get her hair trimmed (a lot) which I think was best b/c it look like it stopped growing. I'm at the point where I don't know what to do anymore. It's short and I just need for her hair to start growing....I'm starting to think it's me that my hands don't grow hair but then I realize it's not true b/c her 2 yr old sister hair is growing. I realized I was comparing their hair and it grow the same way as Big Sis and Lil Sis. Should I start your regimen? Thank you for publishing your products

  3. Hi Adwoa,
    A regimen is a great place to start because it helps you keep track of what you are doing to your child's hair. Here is a way of creating a regimen for your child:


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