Natural Hair Priorities

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the late late late post today.

I'm still waiting on hearing what you'd like us to post more of, so please leave your comments, suggestions and questions below.

In the meantime, I was looking over the AN website, and noticed the new poll on the sidebar. If you've noticed, there's typically a poll asking questions related to Natural Hair, and I thought I should give my input here. The poll asks which is most important to you among:

  • Long Hair
  • Full Edges
  • Soft Hair
  • Full Hair
  • Curlier Hair

If you follow naturalistas on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc, you may have noticed that a whole lot of people are seemingly more and more obsessed with the length of their natural hair. I've never been one for length checks, but the second my hair seemed to reach APL (armpit length), I joined the bandwagon and seized the opportunity to take a picture and post it on Instagram. But really and truly, my first priority or hair goal (which I use loosely) isn't really length. Yes, length is great and fun to show and tell, but I think I'd rather have a full head of hair. Or maybe soft hair.

I won't ask you to pick the most important one, but I'd like to hear from you - rank each of the options in order of preference! 5 would be the least important, and 1 would be the most important. For me, it would be

  1. Full Hair
  2. Soft Hair
  3. Long Hair
  4. Full Edges
  5. Curlier Hair

Let's share in the comments below :)
Berry Dakara.


  1. 1. Soft hair 2. Long hair 3. Full edges 4. Curlier hair 5. Full hair(I don't want hair that will take me 10 hours to do abeg)

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  3. 1. Soft hair 2. Full edges 3.Long hair 4. Curlier hair 5. Full hair. (The hair on my head is sincerely enough for three)

  4. 1. Full edges
    2. Full hair
    3. Soft hair
    4. Long hair
    5. Curlier hair.

    #5 is not a priority, sha

  5. Full edges abeg I look like Iya mi leko

  6. 1. Long hair (what can I say? I wouldn't know what to do with my hair if it were short) 2. Soft hair 3. Full hair 4. Full edges 5. Curlier hair

  7. 1. Full hair
    2.Long hair
    3.Curlier hair
    4.Full edges
    5.Soft hair (my hair is so soft i use castor oil to thicken it)


  8. Full edges soft hair long hair curler hair and full hair! Shikenah

  9. my number one category would be tangle-free here then full hair full edges curly hair long hair soft here


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