Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 74

I’m still on the job hunting journey, but I believe something positive will pop up soon. Due to availability of time, I recently started something I have been looking forward to starting. Water therapy! It is an exercise when one gets to drink 1 to 1.5 Litres of water one eats every morning, and basically flush out one’s system. It is claimed it has so many health benefit. I also figured out that since many hair blogs say drinking adequate water improves hair moisture and growth, what is not to try there? After all, everyone wants luscious hair, right?

So I finally started this water therapy exercise. At first, it was difficult to get used to the idea of drinking water on an empty stomach, and guzzling that large amount of water. After a few days, I got used to it. The other thing I had to deal with was a full bladder after about 1 hour, and continual need to ease myself. But since the feeling of an empty clean stomach felt good, I felt it was worth it.

Dimeji spoke to some people at a particular company on my behalf, and submitted my CV. Coincidentally, they were looking for few fresh graduates to hire into some roles, so I was called for an interview, after I took an online test which they scheduled, and passed. It was slated for 9.00 am on Wednesday. Since it was Ikeja, and not too far from my house at Ketu, I didn’t have to wake up to early. After waking up, I did the needful, and also my water therapy. It was not until I got into the bus that I knew trouble was brewing somewhere. My bladder was filling up gradually. After getting down at my designated bus stop, I quickly looked for an eatery to empty myself up, cos I still had to bike a bit to the company.

Looking for an eatery caused a slight delay in my arrival at the company, but I still got there on time, about two minutes to 9.00 am. I got there and checked my name on the list. I was the tenth person to be interviewed. Everything was going well until the 9th person came out, and I realised my bladder was filling up again. This water therapy was about to disgrace me, and cost me the opportunity to get my first graduate job.

Immediately I sat in front of the interviewers, three of them, I knew there was an issue, but I braced it up. I was answering my questions well, and I even believe the interviewers were impressed. Then the lady amongst them started talking about my hair. I had a twist out, pushed to the back with a black Alice band.

“I have been sitting here, admiring your hair since.” She started

Wow this is far better than one interview I had, I thought. But seriously, I need to go. “Thank you ma.” I said.

My daughter-in-law has natural hair, and she is making the whole family go all crazy about it.

Yay, I have an ally in the company, even before I got a job. What good luck. Madam, it is obvious this interview is over, can I just go? I just smiled at her. I couldn't afford to encourage any conversation in this state.

I looked at the two men in the panel, and they were not paying attention to us. They were recording in their assessment sheets. I better behave myself well. by this time, I was already sweating on my forehead, Damn Water Therapy!

“So how do you maintain it? My daughter-in-law always complains from time to time.”

Wow, your daughter-in-law must be really blessed to have a mother-in-law like you. Not many women are that fortunate. “I moisturise and seal every day.” I said curtly, as I started feeling pains.

“So, what products do you use, where do you get them.”

The pain down there was so much that I dropped my head, and squeezed my eyes tight to control it

“Are you alright Anna?”

No, I’m not alright, water therapy has finally disgraced me, just after about a week of loving it. It took away my opportunity of impressing my interviewer with my natural hair skills. By this time, all three interviewers were looking at me. “Excuse me ma, please give me some minutes” I said, as I ran out of the room. If I could jump out of the window, I would have.

I'm Done
I asked for the direction to the ladies, which was far from the interview room. I had never felt as good as I did when I emptied my bladder. It took about 2 minutes to just to ease myself.

Once I got back to the interview room, number 11 was already there. I greeted the interviewers again, apologised for the incident, and carried my bag and envelop.

“Goodbye.” I said.

“Good day Anna. We will get back to you.” None of them were smiling when one of the male interviewers said so. Madam’s face had return to the professional mode.

I just hope that “We will get back to you” does not mean anything negative. I pray I won’t penalised for not helping my temporary ally solve her daughter-in-law’s natural hair question.

Bye to water therapy.

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  1. Lol water therapy has caught a lot of us in critical moments! Don't be discouraged Anna.

    wumyz signature

    1. I think water therapy is more popular here than I thoy.

  3. This looks like it'll be a lot to deal with in a professional setting.
    Anna pele

  4. Water theraphy is awesome. the only mistake u did was taking it a bit late. its beta 2 tek it as early as 5am so dt b4 7am u must av emptied ur bladder thrice or so. well, dnt b scared u gonna hear frm ur interviewers sooner dan u expect. trust u nt 2 4get 2 share d gud news.cheers!

    1. 5am??? Isn't that too early? Most people will still be sleeping by then.

  5. LOL, I stop drinking water an hour before leaving work because I once got caught in a very dicey situation where as soon as I left the parking lot, I needed to pee. Unfortunately, traffic started immediately and I was on major roads that didn't have any restaurants or hotels.

  6. Lol...really sorry about this Anna. I started the water therapy once and I skipped it on days i knew it wasn't going to be convenient for me to run to the toilet every 5 minutes, or i drink the water very early so i have time to empty my bladder before heading out.


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