Dee Mako's Natural Hair Journey

Hi naturalistas, soon to be naturalistas, the still not decided if I want to join the movement readers and everyone out there. My name is Dee Mako, welcome to my Natural Hair journey.
I started falling in love with the #transitioning movement sometime in 2012.

Seeing the likes of Solange and other infamous Naturalistas rock their fro proudly sparked up something in me. I had natural hair till I was ten and then I got a chop when I was going to boarding school for my secondary education. About two years later, I started growing my hair back, at that time permed hair girls looked more appealing to me and I was ready to join the league.

I relaxed my hair every 2 to 3 weeks then because it was short, and I wanted it to stretch out enough so I could park it into a bun. My permed hair never grew more than my neck to shoulder length, and even though I had beautiful full and dark hair, relaxer made it thin and gave my hair colour different shades.

It's taken me almost a year since my big chop, and almost two years since my last relaxer to share my natural hair journey because I wanted to see a big difference before I could tell you how beautiful the journey as been.

The first thing I did was research; if I had a penny for all the research I did and have done, I would be a billionaire right now. I believe so much in my relationship with Google and I consider her my best friend always there for me when I'm in doubts. After researching about different things like products, hair types, transitioning or big chop, short hair styles and everything a naturalista should know.

I moved on to starting a folder on my phone, laptop and tab that I titled Natural Hair Inspirations, I was always quick to show everyone and anyone I met what I planned to do with my hair and what I hoped to achieve.

The third step was deciding on my last relaxer; this day I decided would be after my birthday which was because I couldn't gamble with having funny looking or unkempt hair for my birthday.

The fourth step came in intervals and that was because I decided to get transition gradually as oppose to getting a big chop. Every time I did my hair or went to the saloon, I trimmed my ends. This method for me gave room for my root to become natural. I did this every time I took of a protective style; weave or braids. By July I got a trim that took out most of my permed hair and at that point I had started to see my natural roots.

The fifth step was my big chop that came in September; I had gone to a barber on set of one of my costume jobs, and asked for a trim. I guess he enjoyed trimming my hair so much that he left me with hair less than an inch. I sucked it up and decided that it was a good time to have gotten a chop, and it's almost a year now and I don't regret any of my decisions. The inspiration folder always comes in handy when I need to figure out what to do with my hair.

In conclusion, there seems to be so many rules about what to do and what not to do, for me it's really about doing what I want after all its my hair.

I'm an extremely lazy naturalista with a not so busy BUSY life, so I like the simpler methods. I hope this helps you if you are looking to join the Naturalistas band wagon, and for those of you that are already on the wagon, please share your own experiences and contributions too.

See you soon with an article on everything you need to know about transitioning.

Thanks for having me.

The ‘DEE’ Mako

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  1. I did tons $tons of research too while transitioning.I downloaded loads of videos even before I knew naturaly facebooks pages existed or blogs on natural hair.I shake my head when new naturalistas ask question,I scream in my mind GOOGLE 4 God's sake. For any1 that wants to transition research first


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