Teaching Kids How To Care For Their Natural Hair : Detangling

Teaching Kids How to Care For Natural Hair
Since my older daughter, known as Big Sis, did a video where she did her entire Wash Day routine by herself, I have been getting questions from parents asking me how to teach kids how to care for their own natural hair.

It is important to know that one has to take baby steps so as to avoid frustration. Big Sis has been showing a lot of interest in caring for her own hair about a year ago. She learnt how to braid hair using the method below:

I was happy when she informed me that she would love detangle her own hair. Well! My little 8 year old is turning into a fine natural GAL! As she watched the Detangling video from our Natural Kids Hair Care playlist, she followed the steps so accurately.

She first started by finger detangling a small section...

Next, she used the wide tooth comb to further detangle that section

Lastly, she twisted up the detangled section

I was shocked as to how well she did.

Now, let's talk

Once our children start to show an interest in caring for their hair, we need to foster that interest. How long will we be the sole care-taker of their hair?  Once, they leave the house, would they have to delegate the care of their hair to someone else? Don't be afraid of letting your kids touch their hair. Of course, don't start off with teaching them to trim their hair... instead, start with something small. For us, something small was detangling, for you it may be something else.

Do you let your kids do their own hair? At what age did you start?


  1. At the rate big sis is going she would be so good in no distant time. My daughter is all about making two strand twist on her hair all the time. She can barely keep her fingers off her hair. With your tip, I would gradually introduce her to taking care of her hair.
    Thanks for the tip.

  2. This is great, I'm going to show the video in my cultural psychology class as part of a project I'm doing on natural hair being a cultural artefact. This the perfect way to show how learning is development. Thank you!

  3. Thank you so much. I wish you success on your project.


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