Naturallure Spotlight: Omarion

Hi Naturalistas
Today's spotlight will be showcasing Omarion and his hair.
Omarion is a singer and dancer, a great one as a matter of fact.
I know Omarion has cut all of his hair off now but he is one of my favorites and I just had to bring him here. I loved how the hair used to complement his well contoured frame. I personally prefer him with his hair. I also love the fact that he almost never let's it out, it's usually in cute braids. He is just the perfect 'sexy guy with hair' figure. 
Enjoy his pictures 

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  1. I think Omarion is really cute and all, but that long straight hair on him, in the first picture doesn't do it for me.

  2. Was his hair natural or relaxed or texlaxed?

    I had a crush on him at one point :p


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