How To Accessorize Your Natural Hair

Hi ladies!

There are times when you get bored with your natural hair. Yes! Trust me, at some point you will. But there different ways to avert or rather, deal with the boredom. One of them is ''Accessorizing''.  Here you're at liberty to do as you please. Get creative! Explore! Blend! Use Color! Whatever it is, just accessorize. By the time you're done gathering hair accessories, the spark will return.

Here are some ideas you can go with.

Better still, give yourself a challenge


So, which are your faves?

Love, kinks and knots

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  1. This is wonderful! I have a twa that is growing appreciably and hair pieces have been my favourites for a while now. They just make the whole natural journey enjoyable and enviable. Iv been getting a lot of good comments but Im definitely going to take a que and up my accessorizing game!!! Love the post


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