"BC is not always the answer": Tips to manage your Natural Hair growth

Hello Naturalistas,

A friend of mine was saying that she wanted to cut her hair again as it's increasing in length. Over a year ago when my hair growth was getting overwhelming and the started to wonder how I would manage it.

I cut it. Again.
May; One year growth

Now, Its been a year since my second BC and I realise that BC is not always the answer to when you start feeling overwhelmed with your hair growth.

Current Length
Now, the huge question; What to do with your hair when you start feeling overwhelmed

Try something new I am a very boring naturalista and hopefully you are not as boring as I am, but simple things like putting my twists in a updo(like in the picture above) is equal to changing up for me, it can be as simple as changing the puff to an afro and rocking it or your twists to a twist outs or trying out a new product on your hair. Just try something new to keep you excited about your hair. 

Put in a protective style We know protective style doesn't have to be a weave or any expensive hair extensions. I recently started 'investing' in my local hair dresser and she's good best part? she doesn't use extensions its forcing me to be creative with the styles I ask her to make. Yes! You have a bit of length now, so get creative with the styles.

Accessorize Yes! Hair bands, Flowers, coloured pins, scarfs, hats etc... Put it! Let the comments come in and start feeling better about it ;) We know compliments do wonders. 

Loc it Instead of a BC why not go for deadlocks? But there are things you need to do before you decide on that route. 

Add come colour Go red, brown, gold, blue... Whatever works for you and makes you get excited about your hair again. Before you do, here are somethings you need to know before you add that colour. 

And when all these fails and you are sure you still want to....


Again. :'(

Have you felt overwhelmed with your growth? What did you do to get excited about your hair again? 
Talk to us.

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