Defining Your Curls With Perm Rods

Hello ladies!

Last time, I showed you how you can achieve defined curls with flexi rods. Today, I'm gonna be talking about perm rods also known as roller sets. One of the best things about perm rods is that they can be used on any hair length. From TWA to medium length to big 'fro. All you need is

  • Perm rods according to your hair length
  • Leave-in conditioner/hair spritz
  • Hair butter
  • Styling lotion
  • Gel/Pudding
Or whatever products you use to moisturize and give hold

  • Prep your hair by washing and conditioning if you haven't previously
  • Apply leave-in or hair spritz to moisturize
  • Slather gel, pudding or styling lotion
  • Put your hair in sections
  • Work each rod round your hair until you've gone round your head
  • Leave to dry overnight preferably or under a dryer
  • Unravel rods
  • Style as desired
If you're stuck, this might help

Has anyone tried perm sets before? 

How did it turn out?

What combination of products did you use for hold?

Love,knots and kinks


  1. I did a braid and curl with perm rods last week. I used Ecostyler gel for hold and they came out really nice.

    Hair update 15 months natural

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  3. Pls where can I buy perm rods or curl former in abuja

  4. I curled my hair on an old mini twistout. I re-moisturized with water, leave in conditioner and sealed with coconut oil. I used the blue perm rods. I left to air dry overnight, unraveled and separated. The results were fantastic. I'm APL and I'm still on day 1 of the hair. My only problem is preserving the style till tomorrow

  5. Does anyone know any products to use as a hair butter?


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