War of the Natural Hair Coverings: Scarves vs Bonnets!!!

Picture this...

You've had a long long day.
You get home and have dinner, watch a little TV or read a book maybe.
You get ready for bed and remember you need to cover your hair and/or preserve your hairstyle...

What do you reach for? Scarf or Bonnet? Does it matter to you?

natural hair satin scarf
I personally prefer scarves because they keep hair styles in place, and I'm usually wearing a bun so I have to make sure my edges are as flat as possible. Since I don't wear braids and weaves that often, I don't see the need to have a bonnet. And plus I think bonnets are very grandma-ish and unsexy :p (As if scarves are sexy at all)

Whatever you reach for, remember the benefits of keeping your hair covered while you sleep.

  • Prevents hair from rubbing against pillow, which causes breakage 
  • Helps hair retain moisture
  • It can help to minimize tangles
  • Helps to prevent oils and other products from staining your pillow
  • Preserves your natural hairstyle longer

Remember that SILK or SATIN are your best bets for hair coverings!!!

What's your preferred hair cover?
Either one
I don't cover my hair to sleep
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Have a nice weekend everyone!
Berry Dakara.


  1. i reach out for scarves but wake up without them.....so my war will be finding the right hair covering that i'll wake up with on my head>>>
    The Beautiful Eagle

    1. Try the bonnet on this page. I can assure you, it will never fall off your head. http://africanaturalistas.com/ourstore/?product=stay-on-satin-bonnet

  2. After a hard day I dont want rubber band cutting my head . Power to the scarf

  3. Scarfs are more stylish and you can make tie it as tight as you want plus they are more easy on your edges than bonnets :) But sometimes I wake up without them so i just cover my pillow with the satin scarf and sleep on it.

  4. Ugo you are my sister in the midnight scarflesness nd bonnetlesness.

  5. I just got a new bonnet and it's been good so far. Doesn't come off at night. Definitiely prefer it to scarves.

  6. I just got a new bonnet and it's been good so far. Doesn't come off at night. Definitiely prefer it to scarves.

  7. Scarf! Even though on some nights I have to wake up to search and retie. Lol. I'm getting the hang of tying securely sha. My first was a bonnet but I hated the look on me

  8. Scarf or bonnet.
    Any one I could find when sleep comes.

  9. I've used both or should I say I use either one as "the spirit directs" :) However, I'm leaning in preference of bonnets cos they stay on securely till morning unlike scarves which for me, are prone to coming loose from my head. In the past few days though I've done away with both and just use a satin pillow, leaving my hair uncovered through the night. I made two of those which I alternate. Looking to make more though.


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