How to Reduce Tangles in Natural Hair

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How to Reduce Tangles in Natural Hair
By DiscoveringNatural
We've all being there...spending such a long time trying to get rid of tangles that have created a strenuous process of detangling our kids' hair. Tangles are part of natural hair, similar to shrinkage. However, there are some ways that you can reduce these tangles.

Detangle Before Wash
When you detangle the hair before you wash it, you remove shedded hair that tend to want to tangle up with your hair still growing on your scalp. The knots that are created can cause you to have to cut off the hair. After you detangle, make sure to twist or clip the hair away to prevent more tangles.

Wash in Section
Amen to this! Washing in sections helps to reduce the tangles that can occur while washing the hair. When you wash your child's hair, divide the hair into at least 4 parts, as you wash one section, clip or twist it away. Not only will this reduce tangles, it will also give you more access to the scalp for a thorough cleansing process.

Stretch the Hair
 What do I mean by "Stretch The Hair"?  I find that when I keep the girls' hair in a shrunken state, it tends to knot up and tangle more. There are different ways you can stretch the hair. Click Here to read more about stretching natural hair.

Trim when necessary
Most people do not like to hear that word trim. However, trimming off the unhealthy ends of the child's natural hair can help A LOT with reducing tangles. When I find the ends of my daughters' hair knotting up a lot, I know it is time to trim. Do you trim your child's natural hair? Comment below and let me know how you do it.

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  1. Sectioning the hair definitely help with detangling and washing. Something I can testify to lol.

    1. Glad it works for you. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. I did try to trim my daughter's hair but am sure I did a terrible job of it.
    With all the curls I wasn't able to get a defined look. Am thinking I may have to stretch the hair before I attempt another trim.

  3. Thanks for these helpful tips. Is it safe to trim my ends by myself?

    1. If you feel confident enough, it is okay. I trim my hair and my daughters.


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