Handling Natural Hair shrinkage!

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Hi ladies!

 One of my fave saying is, ''The Shrinkage is Real'' because it is indeed.Shrinkage is one of the unique features of kinky hair and the earlier you embrace,learn how to handle and tweak it to suit you, the better for you.

Wow! Just wow!
The good news is shrinkage can be combated by stretching. Whichever method you use, you're guaranteed a stretched hair for a particular period before it returns to it's original state. Our very own African Threading is a perfect style for stretching hair.

Alright ladies.

How do you handle shrinkage?

Love,kinks and knots


  1. Since I have a t.w.a. I just spray some water on it, and finger stretch lol. I get a lil bit of stretch so I'm cool with that.

  2. Twists or banding.

  3. To stretch my daughter hair, I thread her damp hair after applying oils and leave in conditional. I allow to dry overnight then proceed to either weaving or twisting the hair for the week.
    I prefer to band my hair because it still in its TWA stage.

  4. I braid nd thread sometimes can't twist to save my life

  5. OmG these pictures! Wow. It is real. I'm still transitioning and firm bantu knots stretch out my new growth really well. I just bought rubber thread and will try threading come wash day.

    1. I personally prefer the regular hair thread to the rubber ones.
      The regular hair thread has more grip on the hair which is slippery due to the hair oil n butter.
      I would like to know how the rubber thread worked out for u come wash day.


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