Mane matters with Beenzu Mapani

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Hello Naturalistas, 

Lets give a warm welcome to our first non-nigerian female on mane matter *rings bell* Say hello to bee. :) From the introductory e-mail she sent me, you'd know she's such a delight. Do enjoy! 

AN: Can you tell us who you are and what you do?

I'm Beenzu Mapani, more commonly known as Bee. I'm Zambian and a final year law student studying in Namibia. Just recently became a blogger at

AN: What's your thoughts about natural hair?

It is beautiful and uniquely versatile.

AN: Why did you decide to go natural?

Well in high school one of my friends went natural and I just loved her afro puff and thick hair. My fine and limp relaxed tresses weren't so appealing to me. I was inspired and decided to stop relaxing in 2008.

AN: Did you do a BC or transitioned?

I transitioned for about 9 or 10 months...twice. First in 2008, then again in 2010 after a brief 3 month relaxer stint. I mainly wore braids during those times.

AN: Any fears about the BC?

Yes. I had not had short hair since primary school and I didnt know how it would look on me. So I gradually cut away the relaxed ends as the new growth came in. By the time I did the 'BC' to remove the last 3 or so inches of  relaxed ends, I was happy and excited.

AN: What has you experience been?

Hmm well at the beginning it was a bit rough cause I didn't know how to style and care for my hair so much. I was also a bit self conscious about wearing my hair out the first time around. But it got easier as I read up on care and styling. Now I truly love my hair and it's co-operative most of the time, so it's been fun.

AN: What was/is your biggest fear about going natural?

In the beginning I was unsure of how I would style and care for it since I hadn't been natural in a while. But now my biggest fear is heat damage lol. I'm always afraid I'll ruin my curls with too much heat, so I only use it when preparing my hair for the salon.

AN: Do you think you are in it for the long haul or is it just a phase?

There are times when I do feel like relaxing (when it's being difficult). But then when I do some hairstyle, it reminds me of how versatile my hair is. So generally I see myself in it for the long haul.

AN: Do you have any hair regimen you stick to?

Yes, I wash and deep condition once a week. Moisturise as needed, oil scalp as needed and protective style often. Hot oil treatments and oil rinsing from time to time. 
AN: What's your go-to protective style?

I love braids and twists with extensions. When my hair is out, i'm often found in a cinnabun or some updo.

AN: There are people that definitely have negative comments about your hair, how do you deal with that?

For the most part people love and complement it. I haven't really experienced anything negative. The closest is someone commenting that natural hair is too rough for them to deal with. I usually respond by saying it's all about knowing how to handle it and smile :-)

AN: What's your must have product and accessory?

Can't do without castor oil, Dr Miracle's curl care leave in conditioner and the ors replenishing pak. As for accessories, definitely a head scarf! It has saved many potential bad hair days.

AN: What's your advice for anyone planning to ditch relaxers?

Research on natural hair and then by all means do jump in, it's a world of fun!

Thank you for you time.
Thanks for featuring me :-)


  1. What are the odds that I stumbled onto her blog yesterday?! I like seeing other (non-Nigerian) naturalistas :)

  2. Your hair growth is remarkable.
    I totally agree with you on the heaf scarf.
    Its saves us from bad hair days.

  3. I love this feature. I follow her blog and she's a joy

  4. lovely. can't wait to grow mine this long.

  5. So lovely seeing an old classmate go NATURAL.
    Looking real good and true.
    Keep up Bee:)


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