When To Use Hair Butters

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Hi ladies!

      We all know that hair butters e.g shea butter, cocoa butter are one of the vital products for natural hair. If used appropriately,we would get optimum results but will result to product build up if it isn't used in the right proportion. That's why the info-graphic above gives us an insight on when you actually use hair butters correctly.

For those that can't view it clearly,hair butters should be used

1. After Washing
            Butters tend to be too heavy for daily moisturising but they are perfect to use straight after washing and deep conditioning.

2. Before Heat
            Some butters like shea butter offer thermal protection benefit.Use a little bit on your strands right before using heated styling tools.

3. During Heavy Styling
            Butters soften and lubricate your strands to lessen damage during heavy styling like twists and braids.

4. Before Sun
            Some natural butters offer measurable protection against harmful UV rays of the sun especially important for colored hair.

5.Before Swimming
              Cocoa and shea butter create a shield against chlorinated water. Use right before you go swimming.

6. Finishing
           Thicker butters are ideal finishing pomades to get rid of flyaways and give you a super smooth look.

Personally, I use shea butter after washing and/or deep conditioning and during heavy styling.

When do you use yours?

Love,knots and kinks


  1. Yep, hair butters are great when used after washing, before drying.

  2. I use my hair butter only after my wash routines. I feel like my spray mix is enough to keep my hair moisturized and protected on a daily basis

  3. i actually use Shea butter all the time

  4. Thanks so much for this post neva knew butters re nt to b used everyday..I use my Elasta qp mango butter for everyday moisturizin and still my hair breaks and split a lot could that be d cause plsss

    1. If you use raw butters every single day on fine or fine-medium hair, it has a great tendency to weight it down, and cause breakage.

  5. Love my shea butter mix right after deep conditioning and while installing braids/twists. I've never tried it before swimming- I always use conditioner- but I'll definitely try it next time (soon)

  6. Where can one get natural cocoa butter from in Eastern Nigeria? I have searched, people. Please help a sister!!!

    1. Check Natural Nigerian. She ships to the east.

  7. I use my shea butter mix after washing my hair. Now I know other ways to include it especially using it when going under the sun.
    But that means everyday here.

    1. Not really. Once you've used it after washing/deep conditioning, it's enough.

  8. i guess i can use my shea mix everday since it is whipped and lighter than the unrefined shea........right?

    1. Please, feel your hair. Does it feel weighed down? Is it too oily? Are there build ups?

      Why do you use butter? To seal in moisture. If its properly moisturised and sealed for days, you do not have to use it every day. It depends on many factors like weather, hair porosity, dryness, etc. As some people will say, listen to your hair.


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