Natural Hair Afros = Tangle City

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Hey everyone,

First of all, yesterday was my birthday so Happy Belated Birthday to me! For my #31DaysofKinkz, I wore my hair in 2 afro puffs, because it was my birthday and I chose to do whatever I wanted :D

Speaking of #31DaysofKinkz, the Natural Hair Style Challenge that a few of us are doing on Instagram, where we do a different natural hairstyle every day of May, I want to draw your attention to my hairstyle on Day 25.

african naturalistas
Source - Berry Dakara blog

As you can see, I had my hair in an afro. Everyone (myself included) loved it! It made me look like a '70s Soul Sistah Gurl! I definitely had fun with it. But by the end of the day, putting my hair in braids for stretching was a little difficult, because the hair had gotten tangled through the day. I vaguely remembered watching a video from Kimmaytube a few years ago, where she talked about why she doesn't wear her hair in an afro. Even though it looks gorgeous, it gives your hair room to tangle around each other, and also forms knots. This causes you to spend more time detangling your natural hair during your stretching or wash day routine.

Does this mean I'll never wear my hair in a fro? HECK NO. It looks nice and sometimes I just feel "Hey sistah, go sistah, flow sistah, FRO sistah!"

What do you think? This also applies to wash and go's if you've reached a certain length. Shorter hair 'fros are easier to manage.

Have a lovely weekend!
Berry Dakara.


  1. It depends on one's hair goals. If one's goal is to retain length, then Afro is a definite no-no, but if one's goal is just beauty, versatility, creativity, style, then I'll say go for it.

    I personally don't wear my hair in Afros. My kind of hair cannot handle it. The last time I did was 2 years ago, and it was just for about 4 hours, between recording a TV episode and getting home. By the time, I got home, it was a total mess! No defined shape, tangles, knots, etc. Afro is definitely not in my hair dictionary again. Aint nobody got time for such high maintenance hairstyles.

    1. Don't you think it's funny that something as simple as an afro becomes a High Maintenance hairstyle?!

  2. So true! My hair is currently in an afro, been for the past six days, and I can imagine the shed hair on my next wash day.

    I find that deep conditioning on dry tangled hair helps reduce shed hair, and also to avoid tangling and still wear and afro, just pick it out. It wont be as defined, but it wont be as tangled either.

    1. I usually would have my hair stretched before putting it in an Afro to reduce the tangling.

  3. i once tried on a frohawk and went jogging, by the time i wanted to comb the hair out, i hated myself. it was so tangled, breaking, dry and painful. ill think thrice next ticket...

  4. I've worn my hair in an afro- very recently- a couple of times and loved it. I can get away with it if I'm close to a wash day, or on day 3 of an old twist out or something( I don't style my hair to an afro on purpose). My major issue wasn't tangling (although I did get a few single strand knots) but my hair feeling super just couldn't retain moisture that well, compared to when I had my hair in another style.

  5. Hmm! Food for thought.
    I have rocked an afro once but did

  6. I have rocked an afro once but I didn't experience that much of a tangle. I guess it because my lenght is short.

  7. first of all, lovely hair! my current phone doesn't allow for frequent picture updates, so I'm unable to join the challenge. I wear shrunken afros like that once in a while. Though it looks effortless, it actually takes a while longer to style than a twist out because you have to shape & fluff it and then put it away at night. If you have thin hair, i wouldn't recommend it. if your ends hasn't been trimmed in a while, again, I wouldn't recommend it. I speak from experience. But its a nice style to wear every once in a while. it's very unique!


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