So now we are suffocating our hair???

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Happy Tuesday ladies!Its yet another new day and now yet another new 'Natural Hair Concept,' to add onto our already flowing Naturalista to do list.This new theory actually suggests that the now tried and tested sealing of our natural manes with oils and butters,could actually be 'suffocating our hair.'Please watch and kindly let me know your take on this one!Bless up ladies!


  1. Hmm. I just saw the video. If that article is right then I guess my hair loves being suffocated. Lol
    Like you said, sealing has been tried and tested. When I wasn't "suffocating" my hair, it was dry and breaking and I thought BSB was my terminal length.
    I don't agree, m&s turned my hair around. But I would like to hear that point of view more fully anyway. Link please?

  2. Hi Sis!Thank you for reading and commenting!The link is: and its at the 34:11 minutes mark


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