Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 51

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Thankfully, my hair is growing again. I can’t wait for it to get back to the way it used to be. I have so many styles I would like to try on.

You would not guess who I saw last week. No one, but Thomas.  Madam Adams had sent me to the Ministry of Transportation to go and give someone some documents, and I ran into him at one of the entrances. I’m sure if I had seen him before he saw me, I would have found a way to slip out of sight, unnoticed.

By the time, I saw him, our eyes actually locked, and he flashed a smile. I was very surprised that he seemed pleased to see me. Okay, Thomas is not a terrible guy, but if only he wasn’t annoying, and was more cautious about his words, life would have been easier for mankind.

On talking to him, I realized he had left my former place of work, and was now on his own. He was trying to do a job for the Ministry of Transportation, and they were still at the proposal stage.

I was hailing him as the new big boy in town he suddenly went into his annoying element. It is obvious that a leopard never changes its spot.

“I can see our hair is doing better.” He started. "If you were carrying it the way you carried at our former workplace, I'm sure they would have chased you out of here."

I smiled and shrugged, silently praying he would get the message and just shut up.

He didn’t.

“And since this is ministry, there are no cold rooms to freeze your unique hair.”

I eyed him, still quiet. Silence was the best answer in this case.

Since Thomas had decided to go from a sensible ambitious guy to his usual annoying self in seconds, I knew it was time to call it a day, before Madam Adams starts wondering where I derailed to. I was about to say goodbye when Thomas said…

“What about your handbag?”

My what?

“Your handbag nau”

I was extremely confused. I knew Thomas to be annoying, but not a rambler. He saw the look on my face, and took liberties to explain himself.

“Your handbag. Your boyfriend.”

At that point, it dawned on me. He was talking about Dimeji. How dare he call him my handbag? If I had had a real handbag with me, I would have smashed his face with it, like this...

Newsroom throwing Blackberry
“Errhh, he’s fine.” I replied.

“Why is he not with you?”

Talk about the most stupid question. Why would Dimeji be with me at work? “We broke up.” I lied.

“That’s such a pity. You guys were such a great couple. Him always being with you everywhere you go, defending your weird hair, and just hanging onto you. It was just as if you jazzed him.” Even though he said it was a pity, he had an ironic look of triumph on his face.

“Thomas, I really have to go. It was nice seeing you.” I just couldn’t stay there and handle his mouth. It was getting too much for me to hold in. I started walking away.

“Wait wait. Can I have your PIN?” He ran after me.

Are you kidding me? “No, my boyfriend doesn’t like me adding guys on my BB.”

“I thought you said you broke up.”

“Yes. This is another one, and he is even crazier about my hair than Dimeji.” I left him startled, and ran off before he had the chance to utter one more annoying statement.

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  1. lol. http://www.leeznijis.blogspot.com

  2. This Mr. Thomas sha..hahahaha.

  3. Lol, so funny. He obviously thinks that teasing is the way to a girl's heart.


    1. At least, he is letting us know his true motive

  4. He likes you! But just doesn't know how to go about it.


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