Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 50

I really miss my baby, and can’t wait for him to come back, hair products expectations aside.

If I didn’t believe in miracles, I now do. I noticed Madam Adams has been smiling at me more often in recent times. I definitely did not expect any friendly gesture from her, especially after dealing her recent blows.

Due to the power she put in my hands, leading me to prevent her from wearing wigs, she has been wearing more traditional clothes to work, so she can tie her head with the scarf. Thanks to me, I had stopped her old mama youngie appearances, and helped her acknowledge that she is truly getting old.

One day, one of her friends came to sell some costume earrings in the office. I paid no attention to them, as I am always skeptical about many things peddled around in the office. Many of the items are just useless.

Next thing I heard was Madam Adam’s voice saying “Anna, won’t you buy all these sisi (lady) earrings?”

I turned down the offer politely with “No ma. Thank you.” In my mind, I was thinking “Did you give me money?”

Madam Adams went on to negotiate with her friend for some of the items. Some minutes after her friend left, an intern stepped up to my desk, and handed me a pair of earrings, saying it is from Madam Adams.

To say I was dumbfounded was an understatement. Madam Adams of all people, being nice to me? I was shocked… and scared. Maybe she has connived with her friend to give me a jazzed up earring, so when I wear it, it will infect my scalp, and I will suddenly have bad hair like her. Several thoughts ran through my mind. Why exactly is she being nice? She must have an ulterior motive.

I threw the costume jewellery into my drawer, walked up to Madam Adams to thank her coolly, adding that I appreciate it, but she shouldn’t have bothered.

She gave me that disturbing smile once again, and I shuddered.

On Friday, I was rushing out of the bathroom, when I encountered Madam Adams on her way in. I just knew immediately that she was going to say something to me.

“Ehn ehn Anna. O tie da (It is even good). Come, let me show you something.” She started,

Before I could protest or even say anything, she took off her scarf, and I saw the head I had not seen in weeks.

“Can you see?”

“See what?”

“My hair naauuu.”

“What hair? I can’t see any hair ma.”

“Haaa, Anna. Look well. Can’t you see?”

I then took a second and harder look at her hair. To my surprise, there was a tiny improvement, very tiny. The previously bald spots had some barely visible hair strands. To be honest, I never thought Madam Adams hair could even recover, due to the incessant abuse. At this rate, in six months, she would have recovered her hair, and if she kept up with it, she might have a farmland on her head in a year. I was happy for her, but not glad or enthusiastic.

“I can see ma.” I finally said.

“Yes o. Even my husband is surprised that my hair can grow again. Anna, thank you.” I could see that she was really happy, and sincerely appreciating my help. If she had her way, she would be doing this.

So that is why she had been smiling to be, and being nice. “You are welcome ma.” I said, really wanting to leave.

She was not ready to let me off the hook. “So what else should I do again?” She continued, begging for more hair advice.

“Ehhhmmm, how about you shave it all over again, and let me be?”

All I wanted was to pay her back in her own coin. I never knew my payback was actually going to pay her in the end, thereby fostering an unwanted friendship. Please tell me. What exactly am I supposed to do with an unwanted friend?


  1. Hahahaha! Come on Anna, she's been waving a white flag since forever, be nice

  2. Come on Anna. Just give her a lil bit of chance. The woman is trying to be nicer. Pleaseeeeeeee

    1. Let's wait and see how the future will play out.


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