Biotin wind of change!

   Happy Tuesday lovelies! Today's video is just a brief visual catch-up on how my hair is looking since I added Biotin supplements to my hair regimen almost three months ago. I must stress that while my hair has grown, I do not credit Biotin with faster hair growth at all. Nothing can speed up the rate at which your hair grows. I do credit Biotin with helping my hair to be healthier so that it did not break off or shed unnecessarily and in turn, I was able to hold on to some of the length that I had managed to grow. I will do a complete video on my hair after a complete three months and fully explain my findings on Biotin then. Happy Tuesday ladies!


  1. Your hair definitely looks healthier and fuller, but as you implied, this could also have happened if you did not take biotin.

    I think you should have used your hand to pull a some strands of your hair in each pic, for the real length progress to show. That way, if the length retention was more than usual, it means biotin helped, but if it is the average 0.5 per month increase, then we can say it is just normal growth. Or what do you think?

  2. Yes Sis,I do think the growth was just the average norm per month but I was able to retain my length which previously,I was struggling with.This was just a brief catch up,I will do a full video in a couple of weeks with comparisons from previous videos and photographs with a dated timeline.


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