ABCs of curly Hair

Hello Naturalistas,

I found this A-Z Tips for curly Naturalistas.

source: CurlyNikki
A for avoiding shampoos containing sulfate
B for vit B for Hair growth
C for using a cleansing conditioner when washing your hair
D for Deep conditioning to repair dry, damaged hair
E for eating healthy foods for healthy hair
F for fighting frizz with moisturising products
G for gel to give your hair the hold it needs
H for hydrating your hair by drinking lots of water
I for choosing products with natural hair Ingredients
J for not being product Junkie
K for keeping your hands off your hair
L for using Leave-in conditioners for extra moisture
M for using a Microfibre towel to dry your curls
N for Nourishing your hair with vitamins and minerals
O for using oils to seal your hair
P for protecting your hair from heat image
Q for quenching your curls with butter and oils
R for rinsing your hair with cool water
S for sleeping on a satin pillow
T for trimming your hair often to reduce split ends
U for wearing up-dos to any occation
V for adding volume to your curls with a layered cut
W for using a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair
X for 'xamining' your hair for damage and split ends
Y for encouraging young curlies to love their hair
Z for using a zig-zag part to hide your roots

Hope you picked a few tips? What tips will you add?



  1. Wow what a nice tip tank alot

  2. These are great tips! I need to work on "U"

  3. Great tips.


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