31DaysofKinkz on Natural Hair

Hey everyone,

You might be wondering what today's post is about from the title. Last year, I embarked on a natural hair styles challenge - Natural Hairstyles for 31 Days. A couple of weeks ago I posted some throwback pictures on Instagram, and 2 of my friends said they'd join me if I did the challenge again. And so, here we are on Day 2 of our #31DaysofKinkz challenge. It's open to everyone who's on IG (I think I'll add Twitter as well). The only rules are - No weaves, wigs or completely covered hair. So if you have braids, marley twists, etc, you can participate. If you like to wear scarves, you can also join in. The whole point is to show that there ARE so many styles out there for natural hair, and to foster creativity.

I would like to see ladies with shorter hair participate though :)

Here are the throwback pictures I posted on Instagram, and the challenge.

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Have a wonderful week!

Berry Dakara

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