Natural Hair Community Manifesto

When we all decided to return to our roots, no one said it was gonna be an easy task. In fact for many of us on this side of the world, there wasn't so much encouragement and support instead we were lashed with hateful and demeaning comments thereby making the whole journey daunting. That's why this manifesto is has been provided to serve as a source of encouragement to woman that have been struggling with their natural hair journey.

Always remember that you're never alone.

Happy Healthy Hair Journey!

Happy New Month ladies!

Love,knots and kinks


  1. Truth be told, my hair is an experiment. Half the time I dnt even know what I am doing. You are totally right being comfortable and having fun is the key nd datz exactly what I'm doing. Itz different, itz comfortable, itz fun! Thatz all dat matters 2 me.

  2. I love it.I've come to love my hair,so in love with it.I don't find it difficult anymore,I don't v 2 use expensive products either,my oils and loads of natural cheap produducts are available.I will never ever be tempted 2 go back.don't care what anyone says :-)


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