African Threading for Kids and Adults

African Threading and Braids By DiscoveringNatural

When you think about African Threading, you reminisce about the styles you rocked as a child.  Now, threading has evolved since then. Below, I will share a couple of threading styles that can be worn by both kids and adults.

First of all... don't know how the thread? Learn how to by watching this video from GirlsLoveYourCurls channel

Other Tips and Tricks

African Threading and Braids
This technique involves threading the section of hair and then braiding, then finishing up with more threading. Instead of braiding, you could also twist the hair. Picture shown above. For more details, click here.

Flat Twists with Threaded ends
With this style, you flat twist the hair, and then do cockscrew threading at the ends. Instead of flat twist, you could also cornrow the hair. Click here to learn how to do Cockscrew Threading.

Threaded Bantu Knot Out using Cockscrew Threading
Watch how Pure Estrogen shows how to get a Bantu Knot Out using African Threading

Bob Style Threaded Hairstyle
Still feel that you can't rock African Threading? Check out this chic look!

Do you thread your hair or your kids' hair?


  1. It's funny how african threading suddenly became kids hairstyles. I remember my aunt used to do the corkscrew method that you pull. I tried to do Nadine's style once, but my hair isn't as thick and long. I'll try the bantu knot method nxt time, though the girl threads wierd lol.

  2. I do remember making this on my hair when I was Little. We call it the periwinkle hair do. Only that it wasnt taking out to form the curls when it was set. We carried it as a stlye.
    I have not seen the youtube video on threading for adult but it reminds me of a protective hairdo I saw recently. The lady hair was threaded with african thread but she added some kinky extention to her hair to add lenght. It looked really nice. And she told me she has had it on for about 2 months.

    1. Wow.. 2 months! I don't keep styles more than 2 weeks, max. I am not good at protective styling. LOL!

  3. I personally like threading especially with wools.

    1. Does the wool make you hair feel drier when taken out?

  4. I personally like threading especially with wools

    1. No, not at all. Threading makes the hair longer and softer after taken out.


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