Ghana Hair Chick's Letters: Protective Styling 101

Hello all! I trust we've all had a good week. This week's post will deal with a few misconceptions about protective styling and how to make protective styles helpful on our hair journeys.

Q: What is a protective Style?
 A protective style is any hair style that reduces manipulation and handling of your hair to the barest minimum. It is also any style that hides the ends of your hair (the oldest part of your hair). Examples include buns, wigs and braids.

Q: What is the difference between a protective style and a low manipulation style?
Protective styles generally focus on no manipulation of hair, so your hair will usually be hidden away, such as in braids or under a wig. A low manipulation style will still require you to do some touch ups, like a twist out or braid out. However, a hairstyle can be both and it can be hard to tell the difference. Generally, so long as you aren't combing, stretching or trying to get your hair into a specific style everyday, that style is considered low manipulative. It is protective if the ends of your hair are hidden.

Q: How long should I keep a protective style?
This a very difficult question to answer. Generally, the length of time depends on your environment, the type of style, your maintenance of that style, your hair type and the type of products you're using on your hair. If you live in a hot dusty environment, it might be difficult to keep a style for a long time. If you use products on your hair that result in buildup, it will be very hard to keep a style for longer than a month. Generally, if your hair texture is very kinky, it can tangle up very easily and be very difficult to detangle, so shorter durations are advisable.

Q: How do I prepare my hair for a protective style?
If you're preparing to put in a style, make sure you thoroughly cleanse and deep-condition your hair. You might want to do a protein treatment if you need one, but a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment is a must.

Q:How do I take care of my hair in the style?
Depending on the style you have, you will need to keep taking care of your hair. You will want to make sure you cleanse your scalp regularly, and moisturize your hair as needed. In general, try not to use heavy oils and butters on your hair in a protective style, as this will lead to build up and make detangling after take down a night mare.

How often you protective style depends on you, but remember that everything needs to be balanced. Protecting your hair 100% of the time and not letting it out may do more harm than good. If you have a busy schedule, you will find protective styling is your best bet for growing your hair healthy and strong.

What is your favorite protective style?


  1. Braids mostly...I keep them in for 3 month without locking...on month 1 :)

  2. Replies
    1. Lol..I wish I could flat twist oo..that's a skill I still have to acquire

  3. Braiding and weaving my hair are my go to styles. Thats the hair style for me as I cant be bother with my hair everyday.

    1. Braids and weaves are definitely great protective styles. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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