Natural hair Protective Style Hot Trend... Crochet Braids

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As people with natural hair know, protective styles are hair styles which require little or no manipulation for a period of time. They range from braids to twists to pin-and-tuck updos and more. Gaining traction here in Nigeria, is the CROCHET BRAIDS. Funny enough, I actually first heard about them two years ago, when my mum got them done for me. The steps to getting crochet braids done are as follows:

  1. Get hair cleaned, detangled and properly moisturized.
  2. Cornrow/weave your hair down - they can be straight down or done in a pattern to achieve a particular style.
  3. Using your crochet pin/needle or even a bobby pin, pull strands of your desired extensions through and knot them. Repeat until you've covered your head.

    PLEASE NOTE: Using a regular crochet needle can snag on your hair strands, so please be careful if you use this tool.
  4. You can take this a step further if you used straight extensions like Xpressions, and twist or braid, so that it looks like you braided/twisted your hair. This is gentler way of getting braids done, with minimal tugging and pulling on your scalp. 

Using kinky hair
Using straight hair
Using Marley hair 

Twisted Crochet Braids

VIDEO TUTORIAL - How to take down Crochet Braids

My crochet braids
Done at Savvy Chic Hair and Beauty Hub in Ikoyi
Have you gotten them done before? What did/do you think? Remember that even though the real hair is covered, it still needs to be taken care of, so I shall be spritzing with my water, oils, conditioner mix regularly.

Have a great weekend!
Berry Dakara.


  1. Wow! Is that what they r called, how they r done? I used to see this style with some girls in uni, n I'll twist my head side to side, up n down to figure out how they were done. Never could tho. Ofcourse I could have simply ASKED d girls but my natural reserve (NOT shyness lol) won't let me. Love ur curly extensions Berry. What's d Nigerian name for this style? Cos I can bet u d average Nigerian stylist/lady doesn't know this by crochet braids

  2. It looks really nice, I'd love to have braids done this way.

  3. wow, this is very nice. I would like to try it. where do I get the needle in lagos

  4. I think I am just too lazy to do this on my own. I love the idea of crochet braid and also the thought of explaining to the hairdresser(s) is also an issue for me.what do I do?

  5. what kind of extension did the lady in the fourth pic use? and hw were the ends finished?

  6. I started doing them myself and I LOVE it

  7. Oh I'm totally in love with crochet. Using bobby pins drives me to oblivion and had to get latch hooks ordered off aliexpress. Will be getting crochet done once they arrive!!!

  8. Where can one get these done? I'm based in PE.

  9. I am thinking of having them this year. I was obsessing over them almost the whole of last year...

  10. anyone intreasted in doing crocget braids should contact me on my instagram page
    check my hair page on instagram to see more of my faboulus styles of different crochet hair @giftestelle or @mz_saba


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