Ghana Hair Chick's Letters: Does your natural hair need some beer?

I know the title of this post is a little wierd, but I'm hoping by the end it makes sense. Is your hair flat, dull or heat damaged? Do you need to give your hair a resurrection (of sorts) ?
If you watch a lot of YouTube videos, then you've probably heard about the Beer Rinse.
There is the ACV rinse, baking soda rinse and now there's also the beer rinse.

What is the Beer Rinse?
Proponents of the beer rinse describe it as a final rinse with 'flat' non-alcoholic beer.

What are its benefits?
Based on videos I have watched and read, people who have tried this rinse claim it gives them softer shinier hair with great bounce and curls that pop. Of course if your hair is kinky like mine, then curls that 'pop' might be a bit of an overstatement. Some ladies with heat-damaged hair even claim that rinsing with beer reverses heat damage. Also, the hops used to make beer have some B-vitamins which can bind to your hair and strengthen it (theoretically).

How is it done?
Simply open a bottle of non-alcoholic beer and let it sit for a few hours till all the gas is gone (flattened beer). You can use alcoholic beer but remember you may not get such great results. You can mix your flat beer with an equal quantity of water and Apple cider vinegar or you can go ahead and use it like that. Either way, after washing your hair go ahead and use that to rinse your hair. if you don't like the smell you can add a few drops of an essential oil to take away that beer smell. After its in your hair, you can massage it in for a few minutes and leave it for a little while. Then rinse it out.

And that's it! Here is a video explaining this better. If you can't see the video use this link:

Have you ever tried this? Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

 The Ghana Hair Chick


  1. There is no way my hair is drinking beer. .. at least not just yet. Lol.

  2. Ehhhmmm, but heat damage is irreversible naa. Just like relaxed cannot be 'unrelaxed'. So I don't believe the heat damage claim.

    Anyway, I might give it a try, out of curiosity. Hopefully, I won't have cause to regret. I'm guessing there are no side effects.

  3. This natural hair journey ehnn, I keep hearing new things everyday. I want shiny hair so I'll probably try it. The ish now is where do I get non-alcoholic beer from.

  4. I tried it, and it really does work. I am currently transitioning and wash day is a nightmare for me, but the beer rinse definitely helped soften up my hair, making it easier to detangle and style.

  5. Can you give examples of non alcoholic beer ?


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