Mane Matters with Temilola Ajayi

Hello Naturalistas,

Welcome to another exciting episode of Mane matters :) Remember Mane matters on the Street from 2 weeks ago? I'm bringing you Temilola. The Interview is with a twist as I did the questioning on-the-fly but I totally enjoyed her company and she is very enthusiastic about her hair. Find out for yourself. *winks* 

AN: Tell Us about your Hair Journey

My Name is Temilola Ajayi and I've been 
natural all my life - you will expect me to have a massive ball of natural hair yeah? Well, the HAIR DEVIL struck (Laugh out Loud) 

In 2010, I had the worst breakout out ever recorded in NATURALISTA history. My hair practically broke out to the beginning stage (ajakolokolo stage) couldn't cry, was just really tired and attempted cutting the hair; but each time, 'Liver no gree'. 

In all these years, I didn't know that there was anything called hair regimen...In fact, I was natural simply because I just didn't want to 'Pimp My Hair' plus the Parent Factor (konk Pastors). So, My Regimen was; 1. Wash My Hair with any shampoo with an Heavenly odour (didn't care about the ingredients; sulphate oo, phosphorus, Sodium As long as It smells good), No Conditioner, No Oil. 

2. My protective styles were KIKO, DIDI, SUKU OLOGEDE, braiding My Hair without any attachments and lately WOOL. 

3. My Hair Cream was DAX, I tried Bergamot too, Then switched to That Hair Cream that has sticks Inside..
4. I also didn't know that I should have a spray bottle (water/oil e.t.c

In 2013, A younger sister of mine came to my house and she wouldn't stop talking about AFRICAN NATURALISTAS' blog. In my mind, I had slapped her up to 5 times; she just wouldn't shut Up!.

So, the night of the same day, out of boredom, I decided to check out the blog  "NA SO I HOOK". I fell shoulders over Head In Love with the blog. The Next day, I emptied ''Baba Mary's Car Spray Bottle'', washed it 'tonitoni' and filled it up with water.

Everybody in my house didn't rest. I was just spraying my Hair every 30 mins Saying "My Hair needs Water" 

When the craze of spraying my hair every 30 mins died down, I took up another route, I read something about Coconut Oil and and those other luscious oils. The Einstein in me woke up. I began to read as if I wanted to do PHD exams on the uses of the different Oils we have and the nearest how to get to get them.. (of Course I didn't do any form of para-dime shift from my house address) but in my mind, I had gone to like 20 shops online, including the ones abroad too.

After all the Einsteinism, I came back to myself and decided to do YOUTUBE instead. I watched all the youtube videos on how to groom my hair and that was where I met HAIR GELS & CURL ACTIVATORS also said HEllo to new hairdos like: TWIST OUTS, FLAT TWISTING, etc. These I Looveeed! and was determined to try out.

My craze for proper grooming started in September and from then till now, I have bought A Fat Jar of Ori (shea butter); Bought and kept 4 diff Hair Gel, bought 2 Leave-in Conditioners, 3 bottles of Oil (coconut,almond,olive)

Negative Comments;

I remember the 1st time I did my first TwistOut with Gel, I was likened to a mad person not directly but The Mummy used deep yoruba for me which made me so sad. And when other Mummies that just don't understand want to give me the gist of how they had passed through my stage.


When the ladies just love my Hair do. I just Blush..
Top of it was when I met Tomi from AFRICANNATURALISTAS and she loved My Hair; boy! was I so proud!

What I am doing with my hair now;

Now i'm trying out the NO POO regimen. Using Baking Soda and ACV.

Hope you enjoyed it.

P.s: If you want to be featured on the Mane Matters column kindly send an e-mail to with the subject as 'Mane Matters'. Will be expecting.

Keep rocking the kinks!


  1. Loool! I so relate with you. I found out d healthy hair blog world around d same time as you did n I was hooked. I try not to talk about hair so cos my mum n sisters will just roll their eyes n say I'm doing too much. I recently told my mum to look for pure coconut oil for me when she travelled to Abuja. She said she couldn't find n I thot that was d end of d matter. Only for her to come back with one coconut hair cream with petrolatum, mineral oil n parraffinum as d 1st 3 ingredients. Expensive o. N she could not understand why I wasn't appreciative. I didn't wanto bring arguement by explaining why those ingredients r bad. Lovely hair. Keep it up

    1. Hey lady, what are you waiting for? If you are in Nigeria, head over here to place your order for pure unadulterated coconut oil, and stop suffering in silence. This is the link.

    2. Thank you AN. Lol I'll get around to it. And can I say I loveeee her bantu knots. I plan on them being one of my go to protective styles. If my hair likes it. I don't care what ppl will say -_- I'll wear it to work sef. By d time I start working my hair should be long enough

  2. I laughed at the part where she was using only shampoo cos some weeks ago my mum's friend saw me with conditioner in my hair and asked what it was. I told her and she said "conditioner for natural hair? They don't put conditioner in natural hair na". I was stunned

    1. Wow. Never heard of this myth before. So many false stuffs about natural hair being peddled about.

    2. This a first for me too

  3. I think this lady is just a case. She is so funny and down to earth.

    1. Likeeee.. I warmed up to her in seconds and laughed hard! couldn't agree more

  4. Lol my surfing the net finally brought me to a natural blog I'm gonna stick myself too. The coarsness of her hair tho! Just to think I was gonna use texturizer on my hair. No freaking way. The struggle conts #Naturalista

    1. Eeya. Maybe it would be easier for you if you don't think of it as a struggle.

  5. She is so funny and down to earth! Lurrrvvvee her!


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