Afro Gypsy Updo on Natural Hair!

Hallo Lovelies! Today I have in store for you yet another quick and easy Updo, inspired by the Gypsies! This hairstyle is comfortable and versatile and can be whipped up in a couple of minutes. Enjoy ladies, and have a Happy Tuesday!!


  1. Very inspiring. I just learned something new. I have natural hair too

  2. Thank you so much!Am glad you were able to take from it.Your comment is much appreciated!

  3. I am Black and "Gypsy" and there is nothing authentically Afro-Gypsy about this hair style.. It's lovely, but it's not from Afro-Gypsy culture. Sorry.

    1. Thank you for watching and commenting.In regards to your statement,it was just a name I came up with linking the authentic black two strand twists with the wearing of a scarf for adornment which I just connected to a Gypsy.In no way,shape or form was it ever meant to be disrespectful to any culture and its just a cute moniker I thought up for the hairstyle,nothing engrained in stone.I honestly did not have an idea that there were Black Gypsies so thats something new am learning today!Am always interested to discover new things so will be more than happy to look into Afro Gypsy culture as am genuinely intrigued!Thank you for pointing out your sentiments and they are much appreciated.However the name of the Hairstyle stays as its in no way meant to cause any upset whatsoever.Bless up!


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