The five kinds of Naturals the Natural Hair dreads

Hi Naturalistas
Here are five naturals you should try not to be

1. The 'addicted to colour' natural
You know those people that are always flipping like a chameleon, today they are blonde, tomorrow they are red haired, and just when you can figure it out, they are down to the blue, pink or white haired. They have a stock of hair dyes and they just want to change it with their moods. The more you color your hair, the more your cuticles become weaker and weaker. If you want to color your hair, just make sure you decide on a color and do not plan to change it soon. Give your hair time to rejuvenate after one bout of coloring before embarking on another, And can I add that this takes time.

2. The 'over manipulator' natural
They just love to comb their hair. Today she is on one million braids, and once she takes that down, she is looking for a stylist to install some Ghana braids. Why this is so bad is because you expose your hair to constant pulling and manipulation which is not healthy. In no time you will experience more hair loss than it is normal and this can retard hair growth as well.
Choose protective styles that do not pull hard on your hair. Try to the ones that do not make you COMB your hair every time. Sometimes, your hair just wants to hibernate from all the stress you put it through by styling excessively and just relax.

3. The 'heat obsessed' natural
They are always rocking straight hair. You wonder why they prefer to always get their hair bone straight when they can try out other styles. Constantly exposing your hair to heat weakens the hair and damages it overtime. Unfortunately, if you expose it to high amounts of heat at one time, you just might succeed in altering your curl pattern immediately thereby exposing it to unnecessary damage and breaking. You do not really need to straighten it out. Air dry, stretch heat free and find styles that work. There are tons and tons of them. 

4. The 'product junkie' natural
This natural buys every product that says whatever interests them. With captions like "Grow your hair out in seconds" their hair has become a semi lab rat for every one that has a product to sell. One wonders why they complain that they are not recording any success with their hair goals, when all they do is feed their hair with substances that most of the times do a lot of harm than good. You do not really need to jump from one product to the other. Find one that works and stick to it. 

5. The 'under cover' natural
You all know that natural that always has the hair all covered up in a wig, weave, scarf 24/7? They are naturals, but only in their bathrooms. No one needs to see their hair because 'it is rather too nappy' or some other excuse. You've got beautiful hair, let it out sometimes. (So i'll like to think)
Let fresh air touch it. Let it have some room to fly. I doubt how your hair can grow well if it's always covered up somewhere. If your hair is so bad that you can't let it out, you might want to uncover it and give it some needed TLC because that it is what it actually needs. 

So which are you guilty of?
Ok maybe just a little. Don't be shy :)

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Remember to keep your heads high and rock your kinks with pride

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  1. I'm guilty of No. 5 *covers face*. I really don't know what to do with my hair and most salons know next to nothing about natural hair. My hairline was receding badly before going natural, its better now but still has a long way to go so I just cover everything up in a wig. I'm only natural at home and I always try to give my hair the needed TLC.

    1. LOL
      You might need to hop around the blog for some style inspiration. There are loads and loads of options
      Congrats darling
      You are today's winner

  2. LOOOL! This is funny!

    Thankfully, I'm not guilty of any.

  3. Great tips... keep up with the great work :) i'm loving it

  4. Great tips... keep up with the great work :) i'm loving it

  5. I'll need to print this for my wife... Thanks.

    1. Sounds like she is guilty as charged :)
      Share away!

  6. Thanks for d post.

  7. lol@lab rat.
    True, our hair should get a break most importantly just like our skin does.

  8. Love this post! I'm guilty of none though...

  9. I'm guilty of number 5 although I let my hair out once a week and I do the LOC method before scarfing so I guess I'm good lol.


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