Introducing 'the Naturallure spotlight'

Hi Naturalistas
Happy new year!
This year you deserve the very best of everything and we at AN will not withhold that best from you.
I have decided to make your 2014 more desirable with a special feature. There will be a special sort featured here at AN. 

We love to see them. 
We know you'll love to see them too.
They are graceful. 
They are unique.
They are Naturalistas who rock the natural hair beautifully. 

The 'naturallure spotlight' will be showcasing those outstanding natural hair style icons that will leave you 'awwwing' and 'wowing'.

I love to see an eye candy naturalista.
They will be on the spotlight here, all through the year. Feel free to look out for for your favorites. We should not be leaving any of them out. You can vote your favorites in the 'comment section' as well. 

Remember to keep your heads high and rock your kinks with pride 

Twitter: @janylbenyl 


  1. Yay!!!
    I can't wait to see them.

  2. Mehn! I am so looking forward to this segment. It will be good hairinspiration for me. Well done!!!


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