Transitioning Your Child's Hair from Relaxed to Natural

By DiscoveringNatural

So, your child's hair is currently texturized or relaxed and you are wondering how do you stop putting chemicals in your child's hair and make their hair completely natural.

First thing, know that you are not alone.

Let me share a little bit about myself and my older daughter, known as Big Sis on our YouTube channel, DiscoveringNatural.

When Big Sis was 4 years old, I got to a point of frustration with her natural hair. At that time, I was blind to the beauty of natural hair. Maybe I was sleep deprived due to having a newborn, Lil Sis, or maybe it was the pain I felt when I saw her cry when I did her hair. I decided to listen to "friends" who advised me that the best thing to do was to texturize her hair. It will make her hair easier to manage. Everyone is doing it. They said. And, without doing my research, I listened and went ahead.

Her hair was pretty... at first...

Cornrow out (1 month texturized hair (4 years old Big Sis))
Then after the first year of regular texturizing, her hair started breaking. By the time, it was 2 years post, her hair was no longer full and healthy, it was breaking and did not look great. I knew I had to do something... that started our transitioning journey.

Transitioning Your Child's hair is DIFFERENT from Transitioning your Hair


When you transition a child's hair, you do not want to wear styles that are manipulated daily. You want to keep the process as simple as possible. Try styling your child's hair with a style that can last 2 weeks. Styles such as threading, cornrows, flat twists, twists, will help camouflage the relaxed ends and help with growth because the hair is not being manipulated.

Big Sis - months after starting transitioning

Moisture is KEY!

Yes! Yes! Do not slack on moisturizing your child's hair. Keeping the hair moisturized will keep it from breaking. Whenever you wash her hair, make sure that you do a deep conditioning treatment to help restore moisture and keep the hair healthy.

Big Chop ONLY when your child is ready

Doing a transitioning big chop can be a big step. Make sure that your child is ready for this change. Something that helped me was doing regular trims of the relaxed ends while transitioning. This will reduce the shock factor.

The Hair will Grow Back

Remember, hair always grows back. Practice healthy hair choices and make sure that the ends are taken care of in order to retain length. Stay encouraged because when you are positive, your child will feel the same way.

Do you have a child that is currently relaxed and you would love to transition her? What are your struggles?



  2. those twists are yummmmmmmy! I miss my hair:(

  3. This is the column I have been waiting for.
    Your girls hair are hair to die for.

    1. Thank you. If there are any questions, you want me to address, please let me know.

  4. Oh yes! I have tons of questions.
    My daughter is tender headed. Making her hair is never easy on her or me.
    How do I make d process easy?

    1. I love questions!! My youngest daughter is also VERY tender headed. One thing that has helped me is simplifying her routine. Unlike with her older sister that I can do braids, cornrows, and other intricate designs, on Lil Sis, I keep it very simple, mainly buns, twists, and ponytails.
      Here is how I detangle her hair:

      To see some styles, visit our gallery:

    2. Thanks a great deal.
      Love the tutorial.
      I spent about 2 hours fingle detangling her hair.
      Was not easy on my part or hers.
      But the result was amazing.
      The shed hairs was minimal compare to what I use to get.
      Worth doing again.
      Thanks a lot.

    3. Thanks. I know initially it will take a long time, but as you continue to do it overtime, you will get faster and it will get better. Make sure you keep her entertained. That also helps.

  5. Oh yes! I have tons of questions.
    My daughter is tender headed. Making her hair is never easy on her or me.
    How do I make d process easy?

  6. This is wonderful! You have just inspired me further! I did the big chop on sunday 5th january, but before then I had ordered some AN products from an online store...and so far I'm loving them and loving my hair too

    My daughter is 7, I was ignorant about the beauty of natural hair so I used texturizer on my girl's hair, then I didn't find that particular texturizer anywhere and I went and used relaxer, her hair started to break and break, I had no choice but to cut it and start again..

    Still in my ignorance, when her natural hair had come out, I applied texturizer again! I didn't want to, but she always complained when she had her done

    Her hair is about 4mths now no chemical, and I have just made the decision to transition to natural hair!

    I am so glad I read this post, would send you an email soon, so I can get more tips!!

    Thanks alot

    1. OMG! Are you my twin?? I did the exact same thing, I was using the Just for Me Texturizer and then it went off the shelf for a while, and I switched to the relaxer (can't remember the brand).
      I applaud you for doing the BC and making the decision to transition your daughter's hair... Looking forward to corresponding with you in the future.


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