Hairspiration: African Writers and their natural hair.

Hi ladies.
      Today, our focus is gonna be on African writers that have embraced their roots and are boldly rocking it. The idea is simply inspiration. Whatever strata of the society you find yourself, whatever occupation, be confident enough to strut your stuff with pride.


1. Chimbudu Onuzo | Nigeria | Author of Spider King's Daughter.


2. Chimamanda adiche | Nigeria | Author of Americanah


3. Taiye Selasi | Ghana & Nigeria | Author of Ghana Must Go 


4. Chika Unigwe | Nigeria | Author of Night Dancer 


5. Nnedi Okoroafor | Nigeria/US |Author of Kabu Kabu  


6. Sarah Ladipo Maniyka | Angola/ Nigeria | Author of Independence 


 7. Chinelo Okparanta | Nigeria | Caine Prize shortlistee and author of Happiness, Like Water 


8. NoViolet Bulawayo | Zimbabwe | Author of We Need New Names


9. Beatrice Lamwaka | Uganda | Author of Butterfly Dreams 


10. Aminatta Forna | Scotland & Sierra Leone | Author of The Hired Man. 


Stay Beautiful

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  1. Enjoyed it! Will check out their books. Only aware of Chimamanda.

  2. Nice article. was only aware of chimamanda too

  3. Great post! I recently got into reading African Literature, particularly Nigerian literature. Luckily for me, the toronto public library carries many of those books and other titles by those authors. I better head to the library fast!

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  5. So impressive
    They all look beautiful

  6. Madam Ebun, well done o. Why am I not on this list? Abi don't my 2 published books count for something? Lol

    Anyway, I noticed that anytime I go for a writer's conference or a gathering of African Writers, 99.9% of the women either have natural hair, or are on dreads. And its not like these women know one another from anywhere, so its not like it is planned. I then started asking myself why African women in the literary arts/world love natural hair, I later concluded that its because these category of people tend to me more introspective, and really don't care about trends and all. For example, despite the popular culture of human hair weaves in Nigeria, before you see a Nigerian writer with Brazilian hair or the likes, you will sweat. I for one have never seen any, and this is the circle I belong to. It's just the kind of people they are.

    Ebun, you berra do the needful, or else...

    1. You are.....OMG! Didn't even realise.

      Yeah. Noticed that too. They have this unconventional style and couldn't be bothered with anything.

      LOOOOL. Sure.

  7. hahaha....yelzz oo. Ebun...pls do bfr madam atilola go show u pepper
    nice post

  8. Lovely post Ebun.


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