Holiday Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Drum rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroll for the first weekend of December! It is now officially holiday season in my book! And what comes with this festive season? Office End-Of-Year parties, Christmas parties, New Year parties and if you're in Nigeria, Weddings and Wedding-Related Activities! Can you tell I'm excited?

Anyways, with all the partying and celebrating, the average naturalista, such as moi et toi, would be looking for appropriate hairstyles to fit the different occasions. So I'm rounding up pictures of my favorite party hairstyles for us Naturalistas. These styles can be done by Transitioners too.

Up Dos

Bantu Knot Outs - works on short, medium, long, natural, and transitioning hair!
Source - Hair's been stretched with heat. Can work with Transitioning Hair

Twist Outs


Source - You can even use kinky extensions to enhance your style
Yes, I think you can wear your hair out and still look party-ready!

Accessories to Jazz Up Your Hair

  • Flower Pin
  • Jeweled or Beaded Hair Pins
  • Head Band
  • Jeweled or Beaded Hair Clip
  • Pretty makeup. I realize not everyone wears makeup, but if you're going to a party, at least try a tinted lip gloss and eyeliner or mascara :)
  • Dazzling smile!

I'm off to get ready for the first party of the season! I might post a picture next week - I'm pretty sure it'll be posted on Instagram though.

Have a berry pretty weekend!

Moi - Berry Dakara


  1. You forgot flat twists, twists n rollersets. Updos are often my top choice, easy to style and they stay on for hours

  2. Thanks for this babe. Will be trying a few on them.

  3. Love love love the twist out.
    It looks perfect to me.
    Cant wait for my hair to grow out.
    in the meantime I would be rocking my TWA.

  4. Lovely. Would be trying them out this year.

  5. Really it's amazing....Thank you for sharing this post.I love making styles and yes,I will definitely try making it.You can more to this list as Spring twist,Kinky twist etc.As I am hairstylist and I love making styles as braid natural hair ,I have my own page visit it once and share your views.


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