Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 29

OMG! It is Christmas time, and harmattan has descended hard on my hair. Last week, before I had the grey hair issue. I was unwise enough to take down my extensions after just 2 weeks. I just wasn't feeling the kinky braids, and I have had better looking ones done by other stylists. I only just realised I should have left it it in till Mid-January or so, when the harmattan season would have almost been over.

I was with Dimeji in his car, right in front of my house, on Saturday evening. I was being mischievous and passing some silly comments on to him, when in an attempt to pull my hair, he grabbed a handful, and immediately removed his hand. I was wondering what was wrong.

I didn't have to bother too much, cos he was all willing to spew it out.

"Ehm, Anna, why is your hair like kankan (pronounced corn-corn)?"

With raised eyebrows, I was like "What is kankan?" I am not really fluent in yoruba.

"That dry brown local yoruba sponge. You hair is dry and hard like it."

"Huh? How can you compare my hair to that thing?"

"Well, you need to do something about it. It doesn't feel nice for me to touch and play with." He started teasing

"My hair is not for you to touch and play with." I retorted.

"So what is it for then? I thought you go into all the elaborate efforts to take care of your hair because of me?" He teased even more.

"You? Never! I do it for other men, not you."

"Yes, for other men. So they could be jealous of me, and desire what I have. So it is eventually for me." He grinned.

Smart mouth! Must this guy have a comeback for all my statements? "Get away jo." I covered my inability to match his sly comeback.

"But seriously, what could have caused your hair to become like this. It felt like if I dared pulling it one bit, it would break like a broom stick."

"Harmattan, I guess."

I had been careless enough to put my hair in protective twists, without upping my moisture level in this season. To make things worse, in a bid to protect my hair from the increased dust and harsh heat coming from the sun, I covered my hair with a wig cap, and then covered it with a Beanie hat. Well, let's just say whatever scarce moisture breath my hair strands were already gasping for, the wig cap sucked it right out.

My twists are still on, but I can already feel the knots at the ends. Right now, it feels like I actually glued the ends of my hair together. Take down is sure going to be a tasking process. Please, don't blame me. This is the first time I will be exposing my hair during harmattan, so I am still learning.

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  1. Lol...funny. at least he still loves you with your hair like kankan. Ts wierd how i dont feel the harmattan at aaaallll....here is so hot!


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