Let's be honest. Is it really just hair? Is hair really not that serious?

I don’t know if this is going to be a controversial post, but let us see how it goes.

Have you ever heard the statement from women saying “It is just hair. It is not that serious.”? This statement often gets said as a result of many women being tired of the fact that other women are just either taking this ‘hair thing’ too far, or creating unnecessary wars out of it.

The other scenario is when some other women make this statement because they have serious hair issues due to ignorance or utter neglect of their hair, but instead of them to face their hair issues squarely, they cover up their insecurities with statements like ‘it is not that serious’, yet they would run to you to solve their problems when no one is watching.

Well, this is one statement that if we are really honest to ourselves, we would know that it is a big lie. Yes I said it, a big lie!

I remember when I was a full-time employee. After I dropped my resignation letter, and I was not assigned to any client since I was leaving soon, a colleague of mine could come and ask an advice about her hair. Before you know it, a gathering of two would turn to a gathering of 10 or more, and I would be the one being interviewed. Anyone who knows me knows that I can talk about hair from morning till night. It just gives me joy. After I left my firm, things did not change. Everywhere I go, I get ambushed by one person, they get me to talk about hair, and the gathering of two blows up to 10 or more.  Please note that most of these people don’t even know anything about this blog, so it is not like they saw me as one famous hair blogger. They just see my hair, and the conversation picks up from there.

My hair is long... very long, although it has high shrinkage. After my hair grew past a certain length, I stopped letting it out. Why? I hardly leave my house, it is high maintenance, I love protecting my ends, and honestly, I just don’t think I would be able to handle the attention. I already get enough attention as it were, with it all bunned up and hidden.

After thinking of the several experiences I have had with people as regarding hair, I have decided to be truthful to myself and accept the fact that when it comes to hair, it is that serious. This is not because I said so, but it is the reality out there. Here are some of my reasons.

If hair were not that serious, people won’t be spending money big enough to buy land and build house, on weaves to look good.

If hair were not that serious, I won’t be getting tons of mails all the time concerning hair.

If hair were not that serious, people won’t be looking at hair bloggers and youtubers like some celebs, even to the point of idolising them.

Funny Friendship Ecard: I wish I had your hair.
If hair were not that serious, the hair cosmetic industry won’t be a worldwide multi-billion dollar industry, one of the most lucrative industry sectors in the world.

If hair were not that serious, ladies won’t spend hours and hours researching how to care for their hair or solve a hair problem they are having.

If hair were not that serious, ladies won’t be trooping in droves to hair meet ups, whether relaxed or natural, to get information and support from other women.

If hair were not that serious, for God’s sake, all the war that the hair issue has generated would not even be existent.

If hair were not that serious, it won't be the cause of many break ups in relationships, and frictions in marriages. Anything that can put a strain on people's unions is definitely THAT SERIOUS,

If hair were not that serious, think about it, you wouldn't need to always remind people that it is not that serious, because no one would even take it serious in the first place.

If hair were not that serious, I won't even be writing this.

If hair were not that serious... *insert your own observation here*

I understand the fact that it might not be that serious to a few exceptions, but to a lot of women out there, trust me, it is that serious!

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  1. If hair were not that serious i won't get questions like:" P are you preparing another stew for your hair"?? or statements like: one day your hair will fall off and you'll be bald with all these things your putting in your hair!
    Merry Christmas to all Hair care Lovers and AN Team.

    1. Lol at stew. Do you put pepper and tomatoes in the mix?

    2. i once did the Palm oil treatment........So they keep anticipating my next hair treatment move!!

  2. Please hair is serious o.

    Last week, I wanted to trim my hair but ended up getting a mini chop! I almost cried.

    If it isn't serious, I wouldn't be answering hair questions from ladies with issues on Twitter.


    1. Lol. I've cried profusely because I mistakenly cut my hair before. So I feel you.

  3. If hair wasn't serious you wouldn't have written this post and I wouldn't have been smiling and thinking....'at last someone agrees with me' :-D

  4. Lol....oh it is that seeerious! My roomies and people i dont even talk to or ever drent of talking wont stop me almost all the time and ask me about my hair...lol

    It is that serius!!!!


  5. If hair were not that serious, I wouldn't be spening countless minutes obsessing about what to do to & with my hair. LOL!!!

    1. Lol. Are minutes countless? What of people who spend countless hours?

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  7. Hair is a really serious issue. Visit my blog to learn why. http://unveiledbykech.wordpress.com/

  8. If hair were not that serious,aunties won't ask-'would man follow u with this type of hair?' abi and I won't follow tons of naturalistas to get tips

  9. If hair were not that serious,aunties won't ask-'would man follow u with this type of hair?' abi and I won't follow tons of naturalistas to get tips

    1. Tell them there are men who are in love with natural hair.

  10. If hair wasn't that serious I would not be reading this blog.


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